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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Through The Trailers: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

imdb says that the plot is unknown, but I think its pretty obvious. Andrew Deutschman needed a reason to bring in more old school video cameras and VHS tapes. This franchise is obviously about of the conspiracy to bring VCR's back into mainstream sales. Now that the truth is out, I'm going to be honest. This looks awesome. I'll agree, the last few movies have been going down in quality. The only reason to watch was to see if Katie Featherston playing Katie would make an appearance. She's a native Texas girl so I must always show my love and support for her. My crush demands that I give her props. She's my newest obsession. 

But I'm going to say the unpopular thing. This movie looks like it will be good. It was scary how the camera that can see what the naked eye can't showed this much in the trailer. 

I hope it means that we're in for a world of scares from the actual film. I think this will be the first P.A. that will have the scares be right in your face more than just quiet and to the side. 

If this is that last one, I hope it ends with a bang. Lets see that stupid monster already. Come on. 
The connections to the rest of the franchise has been clever. I'm waiting for the full circle to unfold. Go Katie!!!

Through The Trailers: Legend Official Trailer #1

Identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1950s and 1960s.

I loved the performance given by Army Hammer when he pulled off twin brothers in The Social Network. But I'm 100% sure that Tom Hardy as the Krays will blow that out of the water. Everything from this trailer looks awesome. Tom Hardy looks like he's at his A game, Emily Browning is always a favorite of mine. I can't wait till she becomes the star I know she deserves to be. I'm always looking forward to her work. This is brought to us by the director Brian Helgeland, I didn't see 42, but I heard the mix feelings about it. I'll have to check it out but I loved A Knights Tail, though sometimes I'm the only one. Plus he's the same man who brought us L.A. Confidential. I still have not seen it but I know what an impact that movie has given the industry. I'd be shocked if Legend isn't an instant classic just as that one seems to be. I'll have to check them both out the same day to see if I find any consistencies.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jurasssic World Movie Review: The Return of the Rex

Jurassic World is now the highest grossing domestic opener of all time with over two hundred and eight million. This officially dethroned the Avengers, something I assumed Age of Ultron would do but here we are and I've got to say. JW was awesome and deserves every bit of attention its getting.

First, let me start by confessing the whole time I'm watching this movie I totally thought Bryce Dallas was Jessica Chastain. The resemblance is uncanning. But that's neither here nor there.

Let talk about the Chris Pratt. His character Owen was rumored to be another version of Star Lord. That he's only going to give the same performance. This was far from the truth and if it were I don't believe the movie would have made as much profit. This movie and everything in it was totally and completely isolated in its own universe. Everyone in it brought something unique to the table and made something spectacular. I found the character of Owen, funny and a real Alpha hero. He was not too much, there was no over acting in it. The performance was well balanced and was the true essence of a hero.

Almost everyone in this movie scared me into believing I wouldn't be able to separate them from other characters they are most famous for playing. Like Vincent D'Onofrio, I kept thinking of Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The Kingpin from Daredevil but it only took me a moment to get over it. Vincent is such a powerful actor, it doesn't take long for him to make you believe anything he's giving you. Even Ty Simpkins who played Gray had me a little nervous that he was going to give the same performance from Ironman 3 but again, I was pleasantly surprised from what he brought to the table.

Looking back at the last three weeks, I'm shocked that this movie is still number one and continues to make the bank that its making. As of today, JW has grossed $500,373,420 domestically and $584,400,000 overseas. The momentum of this movie is unbelievable and I see it continuing throughout the fourth of July weekend. I'd be surprised if its drops to number two.

The thing I was most excited about was the return of the original T Rex from Jurrasic Park. I had a feeling that she would come in and help save the day. Okay, so she's not faster than a hot woman in high heals but lets be fare, she's 20 years older and been in captivity for years. That redhead confused her, get over it. My hero TRex kick butt and I'm happy that she was able to squash that beef with the original rapture

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Movie News: Uwe Boll director of Rampage films Says "F$%K Yourself Fans"

My response to the crazy rants of Uwe Boll, director of Rampage 1 & 2 and his disrespect of the fans. This is a plot to get coverage, and it worked, so fans would chip in for the Kickstarter campaign.

If you want to give money to millionaires to see a movie, be my guest. I won't do it. If a man has the guts to get on YouTube and brag about his money while being pissed that I won't give him mine then he can afford to make the film traditionally and take the risk.

Send me your thoughts and let me know what you think about this video, his video which can be seen below and the whole Kickstarter thing in general for millionaires asking for hand outs. Submit and Subscribe for more details.

The video posted by Uwe Boll and My response Video

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Talking Through The Good Dinosaur Teaser Trailer

The soft silence of the opening in space. Hearing the two asteroids hit and send a six mile wide meteor burning to Earth as you witness it just miss it completely leaving every dinosaur on the planet completely safe. Hilarious. It made me giggle.

Going into this I had to clear my head. Everything I was hearing about it was not pleasant for me. I really think this will be a bad one. Or at least thought so. This trailer works and it worked it magic that only Disney can seem to create. How they were able to do it with a teaser, I'll never know. Seeing the herbivores eating their grass as they only raised their heads in a "What the heck was that"motion when the meteor passes in the sky was so funny it distracted me from how amazing the graphic and detail looked.

This looks like its going to be another hit. So far so go. Thank you Disney, you got me again.

Here's my freaking money. I hear there's s human boy that acts like a dog. . .still, take the money!

Wait, Neil Patrick Harris. . .Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Entourage Movie Review: Same Old Boys with New Toys and more Drama

May Have To Jerk It!
You know you're in a bro movie when that's the first piece of dialog. delivered by Kevin Dillon (Johnny "Drama" Chase). The movie theater I was in only had me and three other people at 3 pm, bad omen?  I was a tad nervous to see that there was only three people in the theater, but then again, it was 3pm and I forgot the movie came out on Wednesday. I'm more afraid the movie wouldn't feel like the show or only felt like the TV show and not translate to the viewer new to the crew. by the time i saw my first naked lady just walking around just for the sake of, lets call it "art", all that went away. Let's do this!

Vince Got Married?Wow.
They really played the here's what we've been up to game right in the beginning, especially with Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase). Some stuff I forgot about others brought me back to some of my favorite episodes. For the most part it was just filler so the none TV show watchers wouldn't be confused when certain people from the past made references. I thought it was quick and painless and made the movie move along so we could get into the meat of things.

Vince still searching for more out of life.
Just like every episode the main man want more. This time to be a director and take his art to the next level. Johnny drama still trying to get the world to take him seriously as an actor, while Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy) is trying not to fall in love with the next woman he's dating after Sloan or the woman after than, typical.  Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), he's pretty much made it to the next level but won't tell anyone how high that level is, the best part of the movie.

King living under queens rules
Arie Gold is now the King. At first he seems calmer and more in control of his anger. Doesn't take too long to get the classic ranting of a crazy boss to remind you he'll always be a jerk and we'll always love him for doing it so well. 

Traditional opener
The movie kicked off with the theme song of the show. This time it showed parts of Hollywood with the names of the stars within key landmarks. It was a new take, but still fit with the traditional opener.

Finally got to see Viking Quest footage.
I've seen Johnny Drama in the costume but to see actual footage of Viking Quest, and  Johnny's Banana's was so awesome. It felt right. I was so curious what that stuff looked like. Even though it was just a taste I'm sure it was giving the fans what they probably was asking for even if it wasn't out loud. 
Sloane gone for six months
Eric and Sloane separated and preggers. Didn't like that but the explanation of why made me think "Damn Eric, didn't think you had it in you. He's too much of a nice guy to be that much of a jerk". I know they've had rocky roads but Sloane and Eric was a great fit. I could have had this done with them not having any of the drama but it didn't take me out of the story. It turned out to be one of the best ones. Especially when Eric has the biggest scare of his life happen to any man.

Stress Balls
We're bringing everything back. Even the theropy sessions in the marriage counseling with the Golds. You guys that watched the show know how much of a treat this was each and every time. This time we learn that pills to keep your anger in check keep you going all night long with the wife. Why are they still in need of theropy?

This Party Was Starting To Get Boring

Rhonda playing herself was a much better improvement than the performance she gave us in Furious 7. She was actually funny. The 60 second line was a killer. I've never seen her fight in UFC but if what she did to Turtle is any indication, Don't Mess With Rhonda!

6 Senses
Haely Joel Osment played  Travis McCredle son of Larsen played by Billy Bob Thorton. He worked out as the protagonist, although I don't know if his Texas accent really worked for me. It was good seeing in a film again. I know he took some time off and people said his career was over but I'm thinking comedy is going to be his nitch. I'm now curious to check out his other role in the film Sex Ed. He killed during the big party where Vince was going to give an advance screening of this movie. I thought that is a nice house that Vince has now. Surprised to find out it belong to Turtle. How much money does that guy have? All the celebs were there from Andrew Dice Clay to Jon Favreau. Evil Bob Saggot returns wanting Vince to do him a favor by playing interference for these two hot girls who say they went to school with his daughter, middle school. Of course they want to have sex with him. Maybe Saggot is not feeling well because I thought his character from the show would have done it.

I won't go any further. This movie was totally worth the money for a true Entourage fan. Its basically a remember these TV and movie stars who once appeared on the show kind of movie but it does still deliver a fun story. It won't be for everyone but it will defiantly not disappoint any fan of the show. It may even bring in enough to constitute a sequel. I'm just saying if we can get two Sex In The City's we can get a trilogy of this awesome group of guys and the tell of the girls they always get to bang. 

Go See It Bro's! 

Oh. . .Can someone tell me what I missed. I saw Common make an appearance in the movie but I didn't get why he needed that dramatic close up.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Through The Trailers: Bridge of Spies Official Trailer #1 Review

Tom Hanks plays (James Donovan) an insurance lawyer recruited by the CIA during the Cold War to help rescue an American pilot detained in the Soviet Union. Directed by Steven Spielberg, that's when I knew I was going to watch this movie. You had me at Tom and you had me hooked on Steven. The key point of that gave this trailer gravity was when Amy Ryan (Mary Donovan) tells James to lie to her. Tell her that he's not going to be in any danger, even if its a lie, just give her something to hold on too. Wow! I do not like to use movies to teach history. But I suspect to learn a lot about certain events that I never paid attention in at school. The raising of the Berlin Wall for example, the tensions between American and how mob mentalities rage like wild fire when tension are this high. This movie will speak to a lot of current events. History is a rerunning events. This movie will reflect that upon us today.

Everyone deserves a defense. Every person matters. But lets be clear, no body is safe. These are dialog that comes from different scenes in the movie but the way this trailer pieces them together makes this an amazing work of marketing. I can't wait to check this one out. The band that played hits like Catch Me if You Can & Saving Private Ryan is back in Bridges of Spies.

Release Date: 16 October 2015 (US)
9 October (UK)
10 December (Germany)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Through The Trailers: Lila & Eve Official Trailer #1 Review (2015)

Do not prejudge based on her last movie The Boy Next Door this is Jennifer Lopez with supporting the Academy Award nominated Viola Davis. Not a movie with JLo trying to act. Viola plays a mother grief stricken after the death of her son. When police are unable to move forward in the investigation Lopez's suggest they take matters in their own hands. This is when the trailer takes its best turn to keep you along for the ride.

Its interesting what a person can do in the name of love and family. What I'm most curious about is what is in it for the character played by Lopez.  She convinces a woman to go above the law and take an eye for an eye. I speculate that Lopez has a more diabolical ulterior motive. So far I'm just curious but not yet sold. But I do like what I see so far.

Directed by:

Written by:


Produced by:

Rated: R

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Through The Movie Trailers: American Ultra Official Trailer #1 Review (2015)

At First Glance It Looks Like Its Going To Suck . . . Then Something Amazing Happens!

A mysterious lady, Connie Britton (Victoria Lasseter) walks into the convenient store and says to Jessie Eisenberg "Echo Quire has been breached". Then this movie trailer turns from stoner movie to awesome action. Eisenberg is now Agent Howell and he's been activated. Killing two operatives with a spoon and now he must be terminated. Howell is some kind of trained killer who thinks he's a robot and does way too many drugs. Even Kristen Stewart is in this movie and I didn't mind! John Leguizamo looks awesome and hilarious in this film pure usual. This is also a possible major step in the right direction for Topher Grace who seems to be the CIA head hunter (Adrian Yates) bent on bringing Eisenberg down. This movie could be a complete train wreck but I feel like its another Zombieland. Feels like a awesome cult classic in the making but time will tell. We may be looking a a sleeper hit in this new action/adventure known as American Ultra.

I'm defiantly interested in this one.

Very Pineapple Expressy!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Top Five Movies of The Week May 29-31

May 29-31, 2015

As I predicted, San Andreas reigns supreme at the box office bringing in a total of $53,215,000 and counting. More than three times the amount the second place Pitch Perfect 2 brings to the box office with a respectable $14,381,000 to hold on to the number two spot in its third week. This was a 53.3% drop from the week before. Tomorrowland had a bigger fall from grace from the first spot to the third with only $13,803,000 bringing its total to just over 60 million. Disney has to be disappointed with these numbers. Last week the film staring George Clooney was at the number one spot but has only grossed a total of 63 million domestically in two weeks on a $190 Million budget. Luckily Disney's Cash Cow is still bringing home the bacon with over $400 million domestic and almost $900 million foreign with a whopping total of $1,321,270,000 (billion), Avengers: Age of Ultron still holding on at number five. This is the fifth week in the box office for the Marvel blockbuster and its still making a statement. I may have to see it again.

Breaking down the rest of the list.

Aloha says hello and goodbye with a mediocre entrance at number six with only $10,000,000 open. Poltergeist doesn't seem to be building any kind of momentum. I think they should have released that one in October. After that you have Far from the Madding Crowd, Hot Pursuit and Home rounds out the eighth, ninth, and tenth spot all bringing in less than $1.5 million. Furious 7 finally falls from the top ten after nine weeks.

Next week be on the look out for Incidious 3, Spy and The Enterouge movie.

My pick is Incidious 3. As much as I love Enterouge I got to go with a proven franchise.

Talk Me Into It: Whiplash

How Do I Talk You Into Watching A Masterpiece!?

This movie is everything outstanding thing anyone has ever said about it. Mr. Fletcher played by (J.K. Simmons) takes J. J. Jamerson and introduces him to cocaine the likes no one has seen before.

The best way I can describe this briefly is; You know how you feel when you're watching an intense action or even better, a horror film. A horror movie that pulls you so far in you think you're surrounded by those trees in Crystal Lake and you hear "Chi Chi Chi Chi, Kill Kill Kill" knowing that the end is near. But the end doesn't come so quickly. That grip the movie has around your throat is only tightening and you can't escape it.

The same buttons that a horror film pushes were also pushed watching this suspenseful drama. The way J.K. pushes the limits of his abilities to crush and uplift the spirits of young Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller). If this were an M. Knight Shyamalon film the twist would have had you saying, "Better Than The Sixth Sense".