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Thursday, June 21, 2018

We Got Your Mail Has Returned, Chris Answers Your Questions

We're back and we've got your mail. So this is a run down of all the questions that were submitted. If you want to know the secrets to life or just something about movies, then submit your questions to our blog, Youtube or social media outlets.

Here are the questions that were answered. If you want the responses click the link above.

Questions and Comments Submitted:

mr t: Has anybody ever had a 4D imax movie come up on listing for a theatre and you didnt know so you chose it?

Godstrumpet2010: Movie Pass sucks. I've been to the movies 4 times since getting Movie Pass. The other 3 times I have wasted my gas driving to specific theaters, trying to check in when I'm at the theater. The app never allows me to check in. I ended up paying out of pocket. And their chat did not assign me a representative...after 3 hours I'm ready to cancel this "service". Terrible. If you haven't joined, DON'T BOTHER. Their customer service SUCKS.


Time_Nerd !: 1. Who is your favorite superhero? ()

2. If you had to watch only one superhero movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

Melanie Shannon (fb): I have a lot of thoughts about desperate Housewives.

Karrington Burnnet (fb): why do people think that the thomas jane punisher film is good?


(regarding Truth or Dare)

Are you sure this demon can not be stop? Look and listen carefully at the end of the movie. It something hide at the end

Rebecca (fb)

mistaken question: 60 what size do you need? (then left the group)

Karrington (fb)

has hollywood forgotten how to market or have they gotten lazy?

Renee (fb)

why are movies going to video, 2 months after the theater release?


Hey bro this isn’t a reaction this is a review! A reaction video is where you watch it and react to it while on video then review it! Anyway I agree with you this looks good

Les Anderson jr

They always had the restriction to see it once until August., they just brought it back. It is ment to see a new movie a day, not the same movie over and over  I agree that if you love a movie enough to see it again pay out of pocket.


I have 2 movie pass accounts plus sinemia.  This way I can see 19 movies a month for $33. Bring my dads phone to theater to re watch movies with his movie pass account.

Luis Claudio

(hotel artimus trailer)

I would like to see John Wick here as a surprise twist as an after credit scene or towards the end of the movie.  I know it won't happen, but I can dream.


(wonder woman review)

What I don't understand is, when superman tossed her and the other members in the air, she was just floating in the air, superman can react to the flash and she can't? She's a very fast character too for her to be just frozen like that.

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