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Friday, January 4, 2019

The Orville Season 2 Episode 1 Recap of Ja'loja

Okay so the whole episode starts off on Bortus's need to be seen peeing by his friends and family. Lets just get that out of the way. then, we see that Captain Mercer and Kelly are still at odds with The Break-Up having the captain confessed that he is still in love with her and Kelly never actually admitting she was not even though she's seeing a new guy. The whole creeper vibe where Mercer is doing a flyby and gets caught was hilarious and yes sometimes we do that.

I don't know why but I feel like lieutenant Alara and the captain need to just hook up or become a thing it seems that even though there's a huge and I mean huge age difference those two characters seem to have a lot in common. At the least it would make Kelly go crazy.

Dr. Finn and Isaac the Android are going to hook up and it's going to be really nasty. I can only imagine what kind of computerized algorithms he's going to give her with all kinds of freaky pleasure.

Gordon has John helped him try to ask a new character out and at first it seems like he might have a chance but I noticed something that I kind of picked up on from the beginning she was a little interested in the captain which is going to be a cool dynamic but I'm still holding out hope about a Laura and the captain hooking up maybe season 3.

Isaac helping the doctor with her son getting into trouble and confessing her love for him which totally flew over his head was funny. I cannot wait to see that whole dynamic play out.

My theories Gordon is gay and he will probably hook up with the character Dan who has a bad taste of poetry. I also see Isaac programming himself to feel and fall in love. Hopeful that elara hooks up with the captain and it becomes a big disaster. And Kelly's new boyfriend is too perfect he might be a psychopath.
And if Gordon is not gay at the very least he should hook up with that simulation woman he talked to her at the bar. She seemed pretty cool.