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Saturday, February 9, 2019


So I finally got around to watching this Romance Thriller called YOU on Netflix​. As I give my inner thoughts review, please be mindful of Spoilers. There is also a twist to this review. I give a review on behalf of everything there is to like about his series and then you'll hear my inner thoughts as to everything very wrong about the characters in it.

This was a fun series to watch I recommend it but be warned, it is also a look into everything wrong with our society and how vulnerable we've made ourselves for the sake of a selfie and getting LIKED online. People never really show you their true selves and even the people in our lives who are trying to be our friends can be the main ones constantly seeking to control or sabotage us.

Other than that, for some strange reason each character, no matter how creepy, came to become charming in their own way. There are no 100% innocents in this series so keep that in mind when you watch. You'll hate a character then hate them more, find a spark of redemption then want to kill them yourselves. Enjoy the review.