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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Upcoming Story of The Legendary Texas Rangers, The Highwaymen

The outlaws made headlines. The lawmen made history. From director John Lee Hancock ( The Blind Side ),

THE HIGHWAYMEN follows the untold true story of the legendary detectives who brought down Bonnie and Clyde. When the full force of the FBI and the latest forensic technology aren’t enough to capture the nation’s most notorious criminals, two former Texas Rangers (Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson) must rely on their gut instincts and old school skills to get the job done. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Based on true events, THE HIGHWAYMEN is the story of Texas Rangers Frank Hamer (KEVIN COSTNER) and Maney Gault (WOODY HARRELSON) who are drawn out of retirement in a last ditch effort to hunt down Bonnie and Clyde. As the bodies of lawmen continue to pile up, Lee Simmons (JOHN CARROLL LYNCH), head of the Texas Prison System, convinces Governor Ma Ferguson (KATHY BATES) to put the storied lawmen on the case tracking the elusive fugitives. Despite skepticism from state and federal agents for their old time, frontier methods, the pair eventually brought an end to the bloody spree that gripped the nation.

From the trailer you're taken away to a time of fear and desperation. The job of a trailer is to increase your interest in an upcoming film. With legendary actors such as Costner and Harrelson, there is no lack of interest. This is a pair meant to be together and wanting more is exactly where I expect to be after watching this film because it is exactly where I am just from the trailer. The outlaws made headlines. The Lawmen made History. Watch The Highwaymen on Netflix March 29, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019

Joana Metrass Connected With JCVD Without Ever Speaking

I was given the opportunity to speak with Joana Metrass to promote her latest film We Die Young. A film coming out March 1st 2019 about a war veteran who tries to help a boy and his younger brother when they get mixed up with a vicious drug lord and his gang. 

After a few attempts to clear up the static on the phones we were finally able to have a great conversation about her career and upcoming projects. This is the partial transcript of our interview together. 

Chris: What was it like being on set and working with JCVD?

Joana: It was incredible and an honor. I did the audition without knowing JCVD would be in the film. When i got picked i found out and was very nervous to meet him. He was very humble and we had a lot of fun. It was great.

Chris: So when you found out you were going to be working with him. How did you approach and prepare?

Joana: I watched one of his recent films. It was great. He has a great monolog. I was really excited. Jean Claude Van johnson. There was a film before the show, that's what I watched. It's a parody of himself. It was an incredible film.

Chris: You speak about the monolog. That was an interesting thing about We Die Young. JCVD would not have any dialog. When i watched those moments it was your time to shine. You brought the emotion out. That's got to be a rough thing. How did it make you feel to do the majority of heavy lifting of dialog?

Joana: I was a challenge. We both couldn't hide behind words and use emotion. It had to be in our eyes not the words. It was incredible. I felt he did the heavy lifting. He had to communicate things without speaking and that was incredible work. We had to discover things and it brought us close to each other. It was a great journey.
Chris: I imagined funny things behind the scene where he stayed in character. Did he do things like that and not speak a lot to stay in character.

Joana: Once we would walk down the street sharing a piece of bread and connect without speaking a word. We became more fluent in that language. 

Chris: Without giving away any spoilers. The movie is about gang violence. Were you on location in Washington DC?

Joana: no we actually shot this in bulgaria. They did a great job. They had real images of areas and how they really looked and were able to replicate it very well. Our director was amazing and passionate and made the impossible possible. 

Chris: was there a lot of talking about MS 13 and the political environment?

Joana: we all did a lot of research. We brought what we had and knew and talked a lot about it. Our mission was to bring a different way of telling the story and not just make it black and white. We tried to understand why a kid would join a gang and not just say someone was bad for doing it. We tried to speak of every side and why people would do the things they do. My character was completely against the gangs and wants to stay apart from them. Not everyone in that area was about or supported a gang and a lot of people are different. People are victims who have to live that life everyday so we have to understand and not generalize. 

Chris: That was well portrayed. I have one last fun question. You've done work with Henry Cavil and Armie Hammer. Cavil cast as Superman and Hammer was cast as batman before ben affleck. Is there a dream character you'd like to play or a superhero you'd like to play. 

Joana: I'm completely in love with wonder woman. I love the way they are setting up the film with a female director. I wish I was doing that cause it looks awesome and so much fun. 

Chris: If you couldn't be wonder woman her self you should be one of the amazons.

Joana: My final project in drama school was to play an amazon I would love to play one again. 

Chris: It was a lot of fun talking to you.

Joana: Thank you. I will try to connect my social media to you.

Chris: why should we take a look at this movie

Joana: It's very excited and powerful and makes you look at things in a different. It went to select theaters and will be out on demand march first.

You can listen to the full interview on our Youtube Channel.

Directed by 

Lior Geller

Writing Credits  

Lior Geller...(screenplay)
Lior Geller...(story) &
Andrew Friedman...(story)
Lior Geller

Jean Claude Van Damme,
David Castaneda,
Elijah Rodriguez,
Joana Metrass

Friday, February 15, 2019

3 YouTubers who Definitely Should Host Saturday Night Live

Miranda Sings is one of my favorites who's already transcended to netflix. She's been doing skits and music for years and when she created Miranda, she was told not to. The thought was it would hurt her career. Years later the girl with one of the best voices out there playing an overly confident girl with a wooden voice is one of the most popular personalities online. Her hosting SNL and bringing in guest singers to do the performances and she could sing with them in character. 

King Bach has proven himself throughout YT, instagram and was the king of Vine. His sketch comedy would probably be more risky for SNL. He uses the N word a lot but he's also a professional. He's produced and acted in movies for years in his career. He has a strong team of comedians and guest appearances that rivals a lot of things done on SNL on the weekly basis. If he crushes it one good time as host he'd come back again and again without question. 

The one I'm shocked has not already hosted is Lilly Singh. This woman brings millions of subscribers to the table and is known for collaborating with a lot of celebrities like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The collaborations she's done has been second to none. Hasan Minhaj and John Cena even have work with her along with Dr. Phil. You'll get a cavalcade of guest appearances. She brings more than her fan base but her energy and originality. The voices and impressions she does, like playing her parents, is also gold. 

You could also have an all youtuber episode and have guest musicians like Epic Rap Battles of History do the music. I think these three would do a great job with this project. It could be a disaster but with the quality they put in to their brands its a no brainer. Its the sign of the times. People are in love with these YouTubers at the very least these three would crush it. The other two on my top five list was Jenna Marbles and HaHa Davis. Who would you ad to the list?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Few Ways Disney Will Mess Up Frozen 2

From the opening of the trailer it shows a very dark and realistic island that Elsa is stuck on. How did she get there?

Did she go on a quest to find her parents wreckage? Was she tricked? It seems that the kingdom is under attack and now the biggest asset is out of pocket. Obviously a master mind is at play. To me it has a feel of divide and conquer. Ana has to go on yet another voyage to find her sister and we're going to get another line up of great songs while we hunt for her.

The idea of going a little darker is not bad because the kids who fell in love with the first film are a little older. We all are. We don't want to see the same thing. That being said, if the plot is anything like what I mentioned it will almost be the exact movie all over again.

If Elsa is gone during the majority of the film its not even really frozen, its melted.

The first movies villain said he had a lot of brothers so if we're bringing back that element, once again, the same movie. I hope we're getting a new concept because this could really derail the sequel. There's something to be said about the "if it ain't broke don't fix" thing but come on, if the plot is too similar, this is just a pathetic money grab on an insulting level.

They might as well tell the kids "If you're parents love you they'll take you to see this film".

Monday, February 11, 2019

Rosa Salazar one-on-one Interview: Alita Battle Angel Is For Manga Fans

I was given the opportunity to be apart of a teleconference and interview Rosa Salazar.

 All of the interviewers did a great job but I have to say, I felt that my questions and my opening statement to Rosa received the biggest heartfelt reaction from the young actor. Who I believe will become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Ana Cruz –  Excited that it was a Latina playing Alita
Ana: What was the first feeling that you had when you found out that you would be Alita?

Rosa: Well the first feeling was relief because it took about three months to land the roll. So the first feeling was relief, the second feeling was excitement and the third feeling was readiness. I just wanted to get to work right away.

Ana: That’s a long journey cause they started since 2000?

Rosa: I know, actually they got the rights in 1999 and they were going to make the movie in 2000 then they were going to make the movie in 2003 and then Avatar got in the way. I’m glad they made Avatar first.

Ana: Tell me the process of filming this very different movie. I know you were in this special costume. What was the most challenge that you had during filming.

Rosa: Well the roll itself was a good undertaking. Not only was going to be in the in the performance capture suit. But I was also going to be doing stunts in the suit. So I trained for about five months doing martial arts which was extremely challenging, that was the most challenging part. We needed to get my endurance to a place that I could be in every frame of the movie. Doing stunts in a very physical roll in a performance capture suit and the performance capture suit is very tight to the body. Its connected all over like a onesie. Which makes going to the bathroom very difficult. I’m wearing a helmet that’s pretty heavy and I have two high definition cameras in my face at all times. So I’m always on camera. That was nice for me. I like being on camera. It was also a challenge cause I have to be on all the time. So that was physically exhausting.
Dogs Bark

Rosa: I’m sorry one second. . .

Rosa: I’m sorry my dogs were barking because someone knocked on the door.

Ana: That’s okay we got your dogs on the interview too but Rosa, how did you prepare for this role? Im sure you had to read a lot, to watch a lot of these types of movies. You know these types of movies have a lot of respect from these types of movies cause they have true fans. So How did you prepare for this, to be Alita?

Rosa: Well I did the training as you know Alita is physically agile and she knows enteric martial arts. So I needed to not just look good on screen I needed to be good on screen. I also had to, you know, find all the books. The books are out of print so I had to go on ebay and find all of the books in the series. So when we did that I read all of the first series. Then I read the second series and then I read them again. Just so, like you so, the fans are very dedicated of the original work so I wanted to be true to the original manga as I possibly. So once I read the manga I became a fan myself.

Not only did I have the pleasure of making them happy I had the pleasure of making myself happy too.

Anna: and I think that's the most important thing cuz when you feel the film and truly feel for what you're doing you can project that onto the screen. Also early reviewers and critics are saying the movie really follows the book so if you're a fan of the book you won't be disappointed is that true?

Rosa, absolutely. I believe that because a lot of people to try to take a graphic novel and make a movie out of it. I'm manga and make a movie out of it a Hollywood version of it. We didn't do that we made a cinematic version of it. Yukito Kishiro who is the creator of the manga was there and all the steps of the process.

The mediator broke in afterwards and a new interviewer asked his questions. I’ll hopefully have the name  of his outlet later.

Interviewer: I miss you fan of the manga it's been around for a while.

Rosa: awesome have you had a chance to see the movie?

Interviewer, I have not I'm  actually about to watch it tomorrow.

Rosa, oh great well I think you'll be pleased.

Interviewer: what can I expect?

Rosa: you can expect a lot of visual spectacle. You can expect your jaw to be hanging open for a lot of the film. you can expect a wonderful score by John txl like the kind that was in the Mad Max score. the same kind of gallop that we have in this score. You will feel something. I think a lot of these movies what they give you With the big explosions and big fight sequences that they're sorely lacking is a reason  to care about those big explosions. And what we have here are big explosions and fight sequences and they're their only to serve  to the story so you'll actually give a damn and you expect to feel something when you're watching this movie.

Interviewer, the thing about anime and manga is that these are very in-depth Stories the characters a very complex. How much time did you have to get into the role of alita and the things that you like?

 Rosa, I had a good amount of time which is such a blessing and such a Charmed experience because I had such a lot of time a lot of people just get cast and it's like okay you're in and you have three weeks or two weeks to get in shape. And get ready and I simply just not enough time. I had five months so I did a lot of martial arts training. Alitaa knows panzer kunst, which you know, cause you’re a fan. Which is a zero gravity fighting technique and she is proficient at it so I need it not just to look good on screen but to be good on screen. So it was challenging both mentally and physically. One thing I love about the manga is that a crazy Ernest and that's another thing you're going to be able to take away from this film. A complete Earnest emotion from this character. But yeah I had about five months and it was a lot to do with the training of the source material to bring Alita to life.

Interviewer:  what was the most difficult thing for you to get just right?

Rosa, well Aleta goes from being a central girl to a woman to around 18 and 19. That when you're shooting out of sequence and you don't got any kind of visual Clues up to where you are that day. Because I'm not wearing costume. You really need to have everything Pitch Perfect because you're following  a trajectory oh, you're following a woman's formative years. Which is how I saw her progression because she grows exponentially Through the film. So you don't want to have more than one saying being like a woman and in the next scene she's being 14 so you want it to be a Pitch Perfect tracking that evolution and when you don't have any visual Clues it's also very hard. So I spent a lot of time and video Village with the scripting going back to my acting roots. Saying, where was I, where am I now, why did I come here, where am I going, why am I going there, what do I want? I did that because I needed her to grow into a good gradual growth.

New Interviewer

Miami: My question is how did you relate to alita and how do you think of Alitarelated to you as you begin to to read the story?

 Rosa, well I related to related because I know what it's like to go on a heroing journey  into Womanhood. It's incredibly challenging.  Alita and I know how challenging and how doleful it can be during that time. I related to her insecurities and her tenacity. Into the search for her identity and that Journey as well. I also related to her emotionality you know I think that she is an accurate representation of what women are like in real life. And here we are like 12-sided dye of quality we are not just one easy justed position of You know, she's hot but she's dangerous. she's cool but she's smart. I used to get picked off the characters like that all the time and he used to infuriate me  because yes okay but she's also this and this and this and this and that's the beauty of what Alita is. She has such a big heart and that's really what we requested back of each other.

Miami, if you can look back at your lowest point was there a point where you wanted to give up on acting? What would your present self say to your past self?

Rosa, well I probably quit-acting about 87 times. you quit even before you get started you quit while you're coming up, you quit even though your friends are envious of where you are. I quit all the time. It's a relationship there are Peaks and valleys and what I tell myself then and now is can you live without it? What that make your life better and the answer is always absolutely not. This is my passion and I tell myself you're lucky enough to know your passion some people don't ever find that out. And you just going to give that away? And I'm so paranoid so a lot of people always kicking my butt saying you're going to do this come hell or high water. I'm always on that Journey.

Miami how very inspirational. what can we turn do fine in your Netflix queue right now?

Rosa, oh in my Netflix queue while I just finished watching all of Russian doll. So I kind of cleared it out I was surprised by that TV show at first I was like I don't know but I thought it was incredibly touching and it kind of touched on my favorite things like are we in our past and how would that dictates us in our future. Do we choose to let go of the past and let it form who we are now to a point where breaks us and could kill us so I like that show obviously.

And now we're going to go with Christopher with T3Medias

Chris: hi Rosa this is Chris Fagan with T3Medias.

Rosa : Hi Chris

Chris: Outstanding. Well first off I wanted to say I really enjoyed this film I had a real good time and I can't wait to show my daughter because it had a lot of heart in it. And I really look forward to that someday and I want to thank you for that.

Rosa: oh my God! oh my God that's such a great thing to hear! thank you I'm so happy that they get to see it.

Chris: yes ma'am Okay so there are a lot of manga fans out there that come with an idea of how I film with this type of source material should be developed and cast it. How did you convince those not yet sold on the adaptation of Alita battle angel that this movie had them in mind as well?

Rosa: I lost you at the in there

Chris: how do you convince those not yet sold on this adaptation of Alita battle angel that this movie had the manga the true manga fans in mind when it was made.

Rosa: well first of all I can tell you that this movie has all of the same bits of earnestness that the manga has. You know it's so funny. she laughs. Movie critics I see them try to review it like it's La Duda or something. You know what I mean? This is Amanda, this is a true manga and manga fans are going to be the ones to recognize that the most because it's so Earnest. It's incredibly Earnest. And you know it's moves in such an exponential rate. But I don't like that. Yukito cash it or was I'm bored the entire time. That's how you really make an adaptation. You don't buy the priority and just say thanks buddy and then make a Hollywood version of it. as you can see that doesn't work and you end up alienating you're very fanbase and demographic and the Very people who are the fans of the original property. and we are making a cinematic version of this and we put a lot straight from the manga right down to those big eyes. So we are very very true to it and I can tell you I spent an exorbitant amount of time with it making it my main focus making sure she was Pitch Perfect. Not just for fans of the manga but everybody can find the universality of the character but also the fans of the manga. So also the fans of the manga could validate and people who never read the Manga could go by the manga and say I have to go read this now.

Chris: Outstanding I appreciate you. but like I said I can't wait to show it to not just my daughter but my sons as well I feel like you put a lot of heart in it and I really enjoyed the work and I appreciate your time.

Rosa: oh my God thank you so much and you just remind them that we made this film for them. We made it for everybody it speaks to young boys and girls and say Hey you can find your power it's inside of yourself so I'm very excited for them to see it.

Chris: Outstanding thank you.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


So I finally got around to watching this Romance Thriller called YOU on Netflix​. As I give my inner thoughts review, please be mindful of Spoilers. There is also a twist to this review. I give a review on behalf of everything there is to like about his series and then you'll hear my inner thoughts as to everything very wrong about the characters in it.

This was a fun series to watch I recommend it but be warned, it is also a look into everything wrong with our society and how vulnerable we've made ourselves for the sake of a selfie and getting LIKED online. People never really show you their true selves and even the people in our lives who are trying to be our friends can be the main ones constantly seeking to control or sabotage us.

Other than that, for some strange reason each character, no matter how creepy, came to become charming in their own way. There are no 100% innocents in this series so keep that in mind when you watch. You'll hate a character then hate them more, find a spark of redemption then want to kill them yourselves. Enjoy the review.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Liam Neeson Was One Sentence Away From Being A Hero To Women Or A Racist

Image result for liam neesonHere is my big revelation regarding Liam Neeson. He was one sentence away from being praised by a different group.Think about it. If Liam Neeson, while promoting his movie about revenge, said "I once had a female friend back in Ireland, who was raped and I was so angry I walked the streets of my city looking for the guy so I could beat him to death" Mr. Neeson would be cheered for standing up for women. But because the guy who assaulted his friend happened to be black, people are more concerned about him beating a black guy up more than just the fact that he went out looking to beat someone up at all. Just because he mentioned a race (which i admit, I would not have done) we're more focused on Liam attempting a hate crime, that never happened. and we are forgetting that he stopped himself and called it stupid and found shame in his own action 40 YEARS AGO no less.

No matter how we tell the story, even people who are angry at Liam have always said, "well maybe he was just going out in anger for what a guy did to his friend" still are leaning towards the facts that it was a problem of THOUGHT that he self course corrected, thankfully before he did anything to anyone. White people, especially those with a history of prejudice/racism, who call it out and show growth and say, "that was bad and the old me" are given props and credit all the time. Now that we're in a Social Media "I wanna see the world burn environment", it's just become another form of entertainment to see if he can be punished for thinking. The only public relations mistake he made was mentioning a race. Mistake or not, it was still a fact.

Yes, it could have been delivered better but are we forgetting something? if this really happened it means that its possible that a guy who rapes women in Ireland never was procecuted and probably did it again. Liam was one sentence away from being a champion for women and because of that sentence is being accused of racism. I don't know too many racists who would work with as many minorities as he has worked with. I for one won't co-sign on his punishment because of a thought that many of us have had and probably will have again if the same situation occurred. Are we really going to start invoking thought police? If actions speak louder than words then how the hell can a thought that never took action (so to speak) can be amplified to these extremes?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

High Flying Bird REVIEW

I want to thank you I just became a press pass contributor to Netflix they sent me this
high flying bird this quotation is played by Andre Holland now

releases February 8th

I guess you can bet there was probably a theater actual release for the purposes of Oscar opportunities. spoiler alert this was a very very very good movie. it had a Jerry Maguire kind of thing I was waiting for the show me the money moment. But it stars a really down-to-earth agent (André Holland) who cares about the culture of professional basketball and basketball in general. He was a forward thinking or sooth-seer playing chess thinking 20 moves down the road.

Every time he spoke I was always engaged

He is a character who commands the room.

I love the dynamic between him and his assistant (Zazie Olivia Beetz) who stated in their history that she always wanted to work with him from day one. I appreciate Netflix for letting me check this movie out . can't wait to get the next one it was great I had a great time with it. It reminded me of Jerry MaGuire but more of a very serious tone. it wasn't all over the place with a bunch of athletes. Only when it came to the documentary portion of the film where real athletes spoke about finances.

Lockdown, that's what you felt that from the very beginning. a lockdown was in the atmosphere and it was up the the main character to fix and get things going again.

I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot.

It shows the strength of a man especially a black man that knows the moves before it was made he can do anything. I don't know where this is going to go as far as next year's Oscars I don't I don't know about the buzz around it too much when it releases February 8th on Netflix.

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Things You Need To Know About Alita Battle Angel | Review

Click The Link Above For The YouTube Review

This is a film adaptation passion project of James Cameron, directed by Robert Rodriguez. From the manga story Battle Angel Alita aka Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro comes Alita Battle Angel. I know little to nothing of the work that came from the 90's origins of this story but when I saw the trailers I was a little curious. When I had the opportunity to screen it I dove right in. Leaving my expectations at the door and allowing the film to do its job. I was not disappointed. I called it a Thrillride Brought To Life. I was most impressed with the lead actor, Rosa Salar. Through her performance I was instantly hooked into the story and became entranced by the character. When she was angry, I was angry, when she was sad, so was I. This is what made the movie so great. 
Though, most of the people that will bash on the movie without seeing it will say that it is an insult to make a movie with a MANGA source without a majority asian cast. North American viewers have been known to support a film with actors they are familiar with, mostly from North America. Yes, testing a big budgeted film with a virtually unknown set of actors can work but in the business, you'll want to bet on a more familiar tie in. That being said, there were a lot of asian actors that could have played some of the lead members. I won't go into that. Like I said, I walked in as a clean slate and let the film do what it intended. Entertain. 
There is a powerful cast, for the most part under utilized but the chemistry between them was definitely what made the system work. There was a lot of emotions and heart in this film. I found myself mouthing off to a lot of the antagonist who would dare harm our hero. She makes you root for her. Excitement and a story that will not let you down on the entertainment level. 
If I had any problems with it, it was the lack of chemistry between Salazar and Keean Johnson. I also feel that Mahershala Ali and Jennifer Connelly were not used to their fullest abilities of acting quality. I wanted more of them on screen. This was not a shakespearean performance, nor did it need to be. It just captured the hearts and minds of the warriors spirit. I definitely recommend you to see for yourself. I wish for this to become a successful franchise. I want more from Salazar and the majority of this cast. The only thing that will guarantee a sequel and a proper conclusion to this epic story is the viewers uniting and seeing this film. I hope you do, if you love it, tell a friend and go see it again. 
Let's Make Alita News Great Again

Some of the earlier viewers were allowed to ask the cast and producers of the film some questions.