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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Talking Through The Good Dinosaur Teaser Trailer

The soft silence of the opening in space. Hearing the two asteroids hit and send a six mile wide meteor burning to Earth as you witness it just miss it completely leaving every dinosaur on the planet completely safe. Hilarious. It made me giggle.

Going into this I had to clear my head. Everything I was hearing about it was not pleasant for me. I really think this will be a bad one. Or at least thought so. This trailer works and it worked it magic that only Disney can seem to create. How they were able to do it with a teaser, I'll never know. Seeing the herbivores eating their grass as they only raised their heads in a "What the heck was that"motion when the meteor passes in the sky was so funny it distracted me from how amazing the graphic and detail looked.

This looks like its going to be another hit. So far so go. Thank you Disney, you got me again.

Here's my freaking money. I hear there's s human boy that acts like a dog. . .still, take the money!

Wait, Neil Patrick Harris. . .Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!