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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raw Breakdown pt7 AJ Lee Started The Divas Revolution

It's my position that Eva Marie is becoming a better wrestler than Bree Mode. Its my position that you do not give a Jobber entrants to Sasha Banks. Its my position that the argument of who started the revolution will be answered by the winner of the Summer Slam fight.

Its is also my belief that the WWE should be embarassed that they were picking on AJ Lee was made to leave due to a hostile environment (rumored) because of CM Punk leaving. 

The woman who started the Diva's Revolution is AJ Lee. Women wrestlers that can walk a supermodel runway are the product of AJ Lee. The perfect balance of cute and athletic. 

AJ is not a legend, she did make an impact. I want her to return with her husband. But if you don't beleive that AJ started the revolution, you're crazy. She's the best Diva in the world. In her own words, "Lezzzz Be Honest".