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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Man of Steel: The Begining of Something Epic

Originally Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel: The Begining of Something Epic

The beginning of something epic. The Man of Steel movie looks like it will go down in history as the most profitable and beloved Superman movie ever. Everything that I've seen as far as advertisements, trailers, behind the scenes footage and the movie itself, tells us this. Fans like me are all raving about it. Warner Bros. have conducted themselves with a pitch perfect market of this movie, not giving away too much and blowing our minds with what we've been allowed to witness. When I say that this is the beginning of something epic of course I'm referring to this leading to a Justice League movie.

WB are now talking about just pushing forth with a Justice League movie with the team all together without explanation unlike what Marvel did with the Avengers. This is a gamble because we've seen the Avengers work so well. There are too many variables in this situation. 1. What do we do with the Green Lantern? Do we include Ryan Reynolds, reboot with a new lantern to pay Hal or let John Stewart take over? If you listen to the great John Campea (@JohnCampea) there is only one Green Lantern and that is Hal Jordon. The problem with this statement is that it is so far from the truth. Hal Jordon is apart of a Corp and he's wasn't the first human green lantern, he's the most popular.

The amazing thing about the Justice League cartoons is that it allowed John Stewart to rival his likability in the group. I won't just play the race card and point out the obvious that justice league is lacking diversity (too late). But if we were to get a second chance at a Green Lantern I say move forward with Green Lantern II introducing John Steward to replace Hal and give Ryan Remolds a promotion to a new section. WB should also turn off the green glowing CG suits and make them more like the comic book if they are to fit with Superman worlds.

Hal Jordan had his movie and it totally sucked. John Stewart may be better, it may be worse but at least we'd know which one to go with for the Justice League. My money would be on the brother. His story is more interesting. Stewarts attitude fits perfect with Nolans  Dark Knight and Snyder's Man of Steel. That's just my opinion. If I'm wrong about John then lets go with Hal and keep it moving.

This brings us to the elephant in the room. Wonder Woman, I don't care what anyone says. You can't not talk about Wonder Woman's back story. Women have a hard time as it is getting there own major action movies. People know, for the most part, the back stories of the guys but your average movie goer doesn't know squat about Wonder Woman. If they're not going to make a movie for her then her joining the group last and going into her back story at least a little bit makes total sense. You can have the major war that the Justice League is fighting already in progress and have a U.S. fighter pilot crash on Themyscira and bring her to the team then.

Who could play her? For a while Meagan Fox was the one people wanted. Then she messed up her chances by going into really bad movies and being really bad in them. A few people are now talking Cobie Smulders since her performance on Avengers.

I throwing it out there, Olivia Wilde should be considered. She's got the looks, height, and acting ability. I'd love it.

Doing Justice League correctly is a very delicate thing. Marvel fans are waiting to compare and contrast and make claims that DC is destined to mess it up. But I feel like all they need is the right direction and everything else will come together perfectly.

Let Justice be served

I Love Ben Affleck as Batman and You Do Too . . .

Originally Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2013 on my other blog

 Two words, Heath Ledger. You, your brother, your next door neighbor and your grandmother hated the idea of the guy from Broke Back Mountain playing the most famous comic book villain ever to hit the big screen. Till the Dark Knight premiered then everyone felt that he was the greatest joker who ever donned the makeup.

Casting directors are there for a reason, they are seeing a bigger picture we will never be aware of till the genius is seen on screen. Batman is a billion dollar franchise, WB will not make a decision like this likely knowing they have a lot on the line if it fails. Snyder, Nolan and Warner must all be in agreement if this choice happened so quickly and just like how most people thought Heath would ripping the franchise because we didn't see the chemistry that the director/casting team saw made most if us all turn hypocrite when the movie came out.

Keep calm and reserve first judgment when the trailer drops. For those of you who doubt Affleck's ability to do a descent job I say this, The Town, Argo, & Dare Devil. The Town showed us his dark side, Argo showed us a man who can figure out how to get the job done through impossible odds (something Bruce/Bats does consistently) and Dare Devil wore a costume.

All jokes aside, I liked dare devil, it was a great movie besides that seesaw scene and the fight scenes were better than anything from the Batman movies.
Having Affleck as Batman gives the current director some breathing room. Ben is not the greatest actor ever but he's better than most and better than he was when he was just Kevin Smith pretty boy go to guy. Ben is now an Oscar winning director and by better director than Snyder. The proofs in the awards, so Snyder has the expertise and vision that his new Bat can assist with.

 So lets just see what happens because the majority of you none believers, doubters, haters and hard core butt hurt fans are going to remember how wrong you were about Ledger and see it 10 times anyways. Jennifer Lopez will not be Catwoman so I think we're going to be fine my fellow Frantics.