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Saturday, December 29, 2018

2036 Origins Unknown Review & Comments

I watched Collider with Kristian Harloff interviewing Katie Sackhoff talking about their time as a couple, now as friends. When I saw her on the trailer of Origin Unknown that was the first thing that hit me was, I still haven't finished that interview.

After watching the Terminator, the one thing that hits me is that old saying, "There's no fate, but what we make". I bring that up because this movie made me think about artificial intelligence and the rise of the machines.

2036 Origin Unknown/Film synopsis

Following a deadly crash on Mars, Mackenzie Wilson launches a mission find out what went wrong. But when her ship's artificial intelligence takes control, they discover a sinister object on the surface of the red planet.

This movie makes us ask that question, do we put too much faith in these machine. Think about, if we make contact with beings from outer space, unless we're dealing with immortals we're not going to meet the actual beings we're going to meet their drones or probes or satellites. They will send their machines, as we do. We always send off the remote control car before the man. so is the next step of human evolution whatever we give to our machines?

So downloading everything that is human into a sentient machine. Is that the next level. This subject is still theorized and talked about. Is AI the enemy, are they our savior's or the cause of our deaths, this movie says the answer to both questions is Yes. This is the way for humans to live forever. The only way we'll meet other beings in the universe. Destroy the planet to save the planet. The destruction of ourselves to save our saves.

I was expecting this movie to show the alien, but they never do.  This movie made me think of Contact staring Jodi Foster as well. Alien was a no show, cop out. I give it up to Arrival, at least they had the guts. Then this movie does the same thing, saying that machines and humans are the same things "What Is Alive" all this stuff comes from the same universe. We're always putting ourselves inside of and merging with machines.

This movie kept me so clueless, I felt like it was time jumping as if it was a simulations. . This movie came out in June and I'm just now getting around it. and I'm getting a lot of comments from people who are really split on this movie. Already over 700 views and 20 comments. I'll share them with you and let you keep the conversation going.

More Spoilers by the way

Bob Belson

BTW for answers - Mac died and ARTE recreated her for the purpose of traveling to unknown origin to meet the alien species that sent the Cube. He not only re created her with android tech . He enhanced her using magnetic pulse Technology from the alien cube . It apparenty took him a long time to re create her as he tells her this. He intimates that he took the best of "human " archetypes to re create her as well . He noticed that her and many others shared his quest for knowledge etc that many others of the species lacked and he clearly used this as a guide .. Therefore in the end the enhanced human that was Mac had all the best qualities of humans without the "fragile" make up and travelled with ARTE the AI to meet those from the galaxy that sent the Hyperlingk Cube. ..A deep plot ,and well acted . The martian shots really covered the bleakness of alien landscapes

LV-426 Devasher

Had to find some other other opinions about this movie. I watched about 15 minutes and fell asleep. I then watched another 15 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore. Very dull movie. 😴

Joseph Nichols

I love Katie Sackhoff. She is aging well but this movie was not good. I felt like the movie was originally twice as long, but half of it was left out. I could not really follow what was happening. It was trying to be 2001, but it just did not work out. When it was over, I was thinking, "WTF did I just watch?"

Bob Belson

The movie was great!!! It was too deep for you. Like a 2001 space odyssey movie It will become well liked over time and more popular as well.