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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Finally The Rock Returns To Wrestlemania

I should have known he was coming once it was announced that Wrestlemania 33 will be in Orlando Florida. Through the Electricity and Fire Finally The Rock Has Come Back To Dallas which means finally the Rock has come back to Wrestlemania.

Wow, that entrance the R.O.C.K. on fire with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders bringing him back to the WWE. He first acknowledges the smiling faces in the crowd and says they will make a lot of Wrestlemania babies named Rock and Rockets. The Rock talks about the privilage to walk down the ramp and talk to the Millions and Millions. World Wide! It is time to do something that has never been done before. Records are made to be broken and The Rock is beaming with electricity to announce to the Universe that the WWE Universe has broken the attendance record with 101,763 in the audience today. 
The Rock is all about the people and making the people about of his moments. Whether its on the big screen or twitter screen, Dwayne Johnson lives and breathes for his fans. Now its going to get good. The darkness hits and suddenly the Wyette family music is on. Catching flies in his mouth is all I can hear, still creeps me out. Bray Wyett leads his family to the ring. JBL says this can only spell trouble for the Rock, but I beg to differ. 
The return of John Cena. He helps out the Rock to take out the trash meeting the WWE Universe with mixed recepection of fans, half of them screaming John Cena suck. One Attitude Adjustment, Five Knuckle Shuffle and Peoples Elbow later. It was a pretty good moment, till Cena came out and ruined it for me.

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Wrestlemania Hell In A Cell Shane V Undertaker

This match is about family. Its about legacy. Its about the future of the WWE Universe. I don't care who you are, how rich you are and how much power you think you have. When The Undertakers music hits and you're inside of a steal cage waiting for him to come inside and fight you, you start to rethink a few things.

Life isn't as simple as just a few scripts, a well designed performance for entertainment purposes. Right now at this moment Shane McMahon is scared to let down the WWE Universe as much as his family. He's afraid of getting seriously hurt, if something goes wrong during a high risk maneuver, which is all but guaranteed. The bell tolls for thee. The dead man is illuminating the stadium so all can bear witness to something great.

He is a phenom, a force of nature. Not because of how well he fights but because of the respect that he's earned from all that face him as well as all that have just watched him destroy all that has ever been so fortunate to be made famous by his hand. Shane believes that air is the key to victory. The more that Taker does the more air he burns. But Mike Tyson said it best. "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face".

Shane is a trained martial artists. This is more than just a fight. Its survival.

Jumping off the top of the cage to land on nothing but an announce table. This is what I mean. Gravity always wins. 100,000 fans chanting "Please Don't Die". This is the Undertakes yard, this is the devils playground and now Shane has the dead  man sealing his fate. Toomstone pile driver puts Vince's legacy in tact. 23 and 1 the Undertaker wins another Wrestlemania.

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Wrestlemania Triple Threat: The First Ever WWE Womens Championship Match

For a long time, I've said that Sasha Banks will become the female version of the Rock. She is the future of the WWE Divas and in my opinion can become the first female face of the WWE. I'm not surprised that Snoop Dogg came to introduce Sasha. They are cousins after all. This woman knows how to make an entrance. Wearing gear inspired by Eddie Guerrero, it was him that made her want to be wrestler. I'm writing all this live while watching this match unfold. But I'm putting all my chips on The Boss. I expect nothing less than an amazing show.

Don't take anything away from Charlotte, she made a huge entrance as well honoring her father in his retirement match wearing a robe made from his old entrance robe in Wrestlemania 24. Lita stands in the ring holding the new WWE Women's Championship belt ready to hand off to the new generation of Divas. This is amazing night for everyone involved

and everyone in the back. My dream is to see more of this. The women must main event a Wrestlemania one day.

There was a double suplex that was attempted by the boss that was not timed properly. I hate seeing these types of missteps because the Universe is quicker to forgive the men but set the women back years because of the same thing. Double Standards suck. I'm hoping a replay moment comes soon. fans need to forget and focus on all the best qualities of this match. These women are beautiful and tough as nails, they deserve more recognition.

With a frog splash from Banks to the legs of Lynch and Flair while in the figure four to one of the closes three counts I've ever seen. That was risky, Lynch and Charlotte could have seriously been injured. Lynch is no slowch in this match giving what looks like a Rock Bottom to the champ at one point. She's bringing the offense going blow for blow with the Boss.

My heart stopped for a second when Sasha jumped through the ropes to land on Charlotte, but the move was almost a disaster for her career. If not for a quick adjustment of her head and neck to let the majority of the fall take to the rest of her body and her target. I was very worried for her but the execution was awesome. Then moments later the champ give a moon-salt that rivaled the legend Lita.

It didn't take long for these women to score a multiple set of Wrestlemania moments. These women dig deep. The questions are "Who's got what it takes". The aggression even rivals the match between Lesner and Ambrose. I've looking at Lynch with new hope she and Banks are trying to become the new Trish and Lita. Hurrican Ronnas from the top rope, Lynch is putting on a clinic. Rick Flair has to keep Banks out of the ring so that Charlotte will have time to clinch the victory.

Nothing to be ashamed of by any of these women. This is the moment. This is the time for the women to shine brightest.

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Wrestlemania Street Fight: Lessner VS Ambrose

Two Suplexes in less than 10 seconds. It looked bleak from the beginning. I know the build up was one thing but Brock Lesner is another. You can admire Dean's guts but how much can this man take. I mean at one moment Brock dared Ambrose to go for the kindo stick in the middle of the ring. Leading to a viscous

low blow from Dean to the Beast's Balls. "That's Hilarious" is all Ambrose could say to a shocked Paul Haymen.

No matter man or beast low blows bring you down. Wow, Ambrose brought out a damn chainsaw, that can't be legal! I even got to witness Lesner suplex a man from the top rope but the Lunatic Fringe is bringing the pain to the Beast. You'll believe a man can be indestructible, putting Lesner on his back for a count of 2 and a half. When was the last time that's even happened? Hell, a two count even.

"This man doesn't have the sense that God gave a rock" - JBL

Brock even makes the mistake of giving a German Suplex landing himself on a stack of chairs thrown in the ring by Ambrose and clearing Ambrose from the danger of the metal on the mat. This mistake would lead to momentum staying in Dean's favor. Dean is in control, till the next suplex.

Then an F5 ontop of those chairs, as Paul Hayman screams "Do It Now!" seals Ambrose's fate. Brock walks away with the win but leaned that Dean is a man that can bring destruction if you're not careful. Dean needed someone to put that fire out and Brock was that fireman.

Suplex Counter: 13

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Wrestlemania 32 BootyO's Match was full of Surprise After Superprise

Awww Wrestlemania, Don't You Dare Be Sour!!!

This match starts off with a giant box of BootyO's spilling on stage and the prize inside was the W. W. E. World. Tag. Team. Champions.

BootyO's, they make sure you ain't booty.

What a day. A new day. Now the fans are definitely chanting "New Day Rocks".

The match up between New Day and The League of Nations.

Its no secret, the New Day is one of the greatest on mic performers since The Rock, even he said so. But ND ain't no joke. The boys are real. Shamous, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio have a lot to over come.

But I expected an upset victory by the League, due to the fact that the momentum always shifts, and they have the numbers game to lean on. King Barratt with a bull hammer to Xavier Woods. There are no three men in history that can go toe-to-toe with this unit, says Barrett, then HBK's music hits.
Mr. Wrestlemania himself comes out geared up. But wait there's more. Catus Jack is in the building. . .GLASS BREAK

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN heading to the ring to bring some United State of Murica

in a large can of woop ass. You have Mr. Socko on Shamus, HBK showing Ziggler how sweet chin music is really done and a stunner on Rusev. Save the best for the one talking to most noise. Barrett gets all three.

Wait, did Shawn Micheal's just twerk with New Day.

In the end, congratulations to the new tag team champs, ummm, if forgot already! But that Stone Cold Stunner Though

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Wrestlemania 32 Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

We officially launch with a ladder match The Miz, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Star Dust and Sin Cara battle for the Intercontinental Title. Zayn in his first Wrestlemania starts off with huge moves, flying through latters and ropes to take out his opponents. WWE Universe could not get enough of him and it all happened within the first five minutes giving the ole chances. But to not be out done Sin Cara being thrown off a latter he springs himself off the top rope, tremendous balance, calling a huge audible to elevate himself top of his opponents who happened to be waiting outside the ring. A perfect execution of an amazing display of athleticism.

Razor Ramone and HBK would have been proud of the beautiful action choreographed for this match. Very well written and executed indeed. Star Dust shows respect to his father Dusty Rhodes bringing in a poke-a-dot ladder and using it to his advantage. This match was littered with replay moments and its only the first ten minutes at this point. Superstars put it all on the line during ladder matches. Whether you're booing or cheering you'll always respect every man who strive for their Wrestlemania moment.

Zack Ryder bringing the Elbro from the top of a twenty foot ladder crushing the ribs of The Miz. Dolph also makes a huge empact of the top of the ladder preventing Zacks momentum but at what cost? Zack is now hoping around the ring. A HOLY SHIT move Sin Cara from the top of the latter atop of Star Dust who is laying on a horizontal latter layed between the ring and the front row barracade, crashing to the ground braking the ladder in half.

You forget that the referees are on standby verifying the safety of these men. These are matches where men have lost their lives. I'm always on the look out for the cross arm signal from someone to indicate a serious injury but none have came, that I saw.

Then the unthinkable. A long time coming Zack Ryder walks away from the ladder match as the new Intercontinental Champion, being met by his father in the ring to celebrate. JBL said it best, "We didn't have to wait long for a Cinderella moment"

Woo Woo Woo You Know It!!!

to Zack

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Here

All the New Things We Learned From the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray

No, I won't be buying digital download. Its become a special situation in the world of entertainment media that special features are now included in downloads now but there's still something to be said about having the physical media such as blurays. 

I don't have as large of a collection as I use to. I'm definitely transcending into all downloaded formats. But there are a select few movies out there where I will not hesitate having a physical disc. Star Wars is definitely one of them.

What are you planning on doing? 

Will you buy both or just stick with the disc?

Old versus New!