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Friday, September 19, 2014

Deadpool Movie Confirmed: Ryan Renolds? Kinda Sorta

Today will be a day that will have all comic book geeks going ape (bleep). Deadpool Lives! After the leaked footage of Deadpool was sent to the Youtubes Fox has officially set a date for a Deadpool movie coming to theaters in 2016.

I'm thinking that because of all the great support from fans that Fox may even go even further into cool mode by making the merc have a Rated R mouth. I mean its the only way it can go and work well. Even if you don't go hard R the sound of bleeps are so funny that it would work with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, looking at the audience and complaining about censorship to the fans while the movie is playing.

There's so many questions. Will Hugh Jackman make another cameo? Will Deadpool call out the mistakes made to him on the Wolverine Origins movie? Will there be blood or bleeps? Its too much for me to handle right now. I think the character is awesome. I think Fox should stop playing around pretending that they're not going to back a dump truck of Benjamin to Reynolds to play the role, if for nothing, for just being 100% right about everything about this character.

Its time that we take comic book movie making to the next level and I see 20th Century Fox trying to pioneer the revolution. The only other concerns are how it officially effects upcoming Fox comic book adaptations that have yet to be born. What will this mean for an X-Force movie? Though we don't know the answers yet, I have a great feeling that this could be to Fox what Guardians of the Galaxy was for Marvel. With tons more ninja fights and limbs being lopped off of course.

Go Merc and everyone tweet Ryan a thank you message. I know I will.

Trailer Review: This Is Where I Leave You on Adam Driver

After seeing this trailer I believe this is the kind of role that will warm me up to Adam Driver a little more. I wasn't a big fan of his when I first saw him on Girls. It was hard to like him. After a few more episodes that peeled the onion of his character I came to see it was a compliment of his talent as an actor. Getting to know more of what he's about I'm convinced he's the best actor on the show. The direction he's going he'll be able to steel scenes from the best of them.

I'll see this movie because I love the casting. Tina Fey is always awesome and hasn't let me down yet. Feels like This Is Where I Leave You is going to have a ton of great moments in the dialogue and the cemestry is aparent even on the trailer. I'm curious to see what the back and forth with Jason Batemen will be like.

Over all this trailer has caught my eye and I'll be seeing it soon after release. I won't promise in the theaters but if not, I will defiantly be Netflixing the heck out of this movie.

Can't wait to see what Adam can bring to the Star Wars franchise. Keep up the good work.

Through The Trailer: John Wick Movie Trailer Review

I've yet to see 47 Ronin, yet, so I wasn't too thrilled about a new Keanu movie because it seems that his ability to carry a film was falling apart. But man o man when I say "This trailer is freaking awesome!" You better believe that like you're a WWE Fan that believed in The Shield. The moment when John Wick, played by Keanu leaves his garage in a bad ass muscle car driving like a mad man just to give a cute puppy beagle a thrill, it had my attention.

Moving on to him being hounded by the creepy dude who calls himself reek in Game of Thrones to then being attacked in his own home by the same guy who goes and kills the mans dog. I knew that this trailer was special when the dog died. Usually in these action movies where the mysterious loaner, who just wants to be left alone is accosted, its usually for his wife/girlfriend or he's a single dad and his daughter is taken. No, John Wick dares to take revenge to a whole new level and say "The wife was already dead and the last gift she gave me, the dog, was now killed? I began talking to my lap top telling the bad guys "Oh no, you gotta die now."

You have Ian McShane telling Keanus character not to even dip a pinky back into the town he has to take his vengeance he'll get pulled back into something bad. You got John Leguizamo who gets the car that was jacked by creepy dude, who instantly recognizes it and he doesn't like what they've done. Then the father of creepy, Alfie Allen, tells him. "Its not what you've done". Obviously because they come from a crime family and stealing is like bringing home an A+ from school. "Its who you did it too". This line is the dead give away that Keanu is not to be messed with. This guy who was just car jacked is not just a nobody, but a nobody who would tear up his own house by sledge hammering his cement floor to free his stock pile of guns berried beneath.

If you're a bad guy who pissed off another dude and the second guy was so much worse that he has to keep his guns hidden, not in a lock box with a combo, but in freaking cement, DUDE, what ever you did apologize now because it ain't ending well for you sir.

The whole "Yeah I'm thinking I'm back" line was so perfect. Its like, if you loved me kicking ass in the matrix you'll love this. Keanu looks like "The One and Only" again and John Wick looks like its going to be a pretty good film.

Can't wait to see it so we can start talking about it. Outstanding Trailer!

Should Megan Fox Go Nude To Be In A Comic Book Movie?


This story was awesome. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Girls by The Luna Brothers, get over to your nearest comic book store and read, read, read read. The are work by Johnathan Luna is pitch perfect for the tone of the story and the dialogue by Joshua Luna captures the reader as the story builds. I remember the first time read it the characters seemed to be simple and the towns folk were just simpletons but once the people of  Pennystone (population 65) become trapped by an invisible force field and are flooded with beautiful alien female clones that only want to have sex with the men and kill all the women, things ain't so simple no mo'.

I'll admit, when I read the synopsis I was just thinking, clone hot chicks? Awesome! But this situation becomes a total nightmare. Not just for the women in the town who have to fear for their lives but also men who have to learn to deal with the consequences of living a life of lust and fantasy that comes with a gruesome price. The need to feel wanted and desired by these clones becomes more than some men can resist to the point where some are willing to take great measures to keep this fantasy life alive.

I became horrified that a tv show called Under The Dome based on a book had been produced. I love Stephen Kings work but I feel that Girls would have been a better way to go based on the two different plot lines. With UTD already out now my dreams of having The Luna Brothers make a movie based on this master piece of a story is long gone. Maybe. I'll start a partition. 

What if it still could happen? Now you might think I'm crazy but I believe if a movie based on this comic were to be produced then the alien clones should be played by Megan Fox. This is the role she was born to play. The aliens are sexy, tough, and mute. Its perfect. A lot of people say that Megan Fox can not act. I'll admit she's not the best actor in the world but there is talent there. I'm not making a joke that her playing a mute sex symbol would improve her acting, okay maybe I was, but its all in fun. I believe that she has the ability to pull this character off. There's a mesmerizing depth there that I felt a glimmer of when I saw Megan in Jennifer's Body. A movie that Ms. Fox gets a bad rap for. I thought it was pretty funny. 

The reason I like the villain of the Girl book is because she is also a victim of her nature. These clones are born within hour of conception. The weird thing is they are hatched out of giant eggs that the pregnant clone lays. The problem with all these men having all this free sexy time with these aliens is an over population of the rapidly producing and reproducing clones. You get a few thousand of these naked ladies in a metropolitan after that bubble pops and game over. 

This story needs to be told and if Megan Fox isn't at least in the discussions you're missing out on a great opportunity. That's just my quick thought on this subject no one is talking about but at least I hope I've peeked your interest to buy the Girls book volumes from Image Comics. You naughty guys. 

My short list for people to play the lovely ladies of this comic book are the following not in any particular order:
Megan Fox (Just to see a bunch of clone Megans attack and succefuly kill a bear! . . . read this book!)
Zoe Saldana (making Marvel money now, she'd never go nude)
Michelle Monaghan (great actress, would bring class to this misunderstood character)
Emmy Rossum (if showtime has touch us anything, its there's no shame in her game)
Lizzy Caplan (The wild card)