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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Liam Neeson Was One Sentence Away From Being A Hero To Women Or A Racist

Image result for liam neesonHere is my big revelation regarding Liam Neeson. He was one sentence away from being praised by a different group.Think about it. If Liam Neeson, while promoting his movie about revenge, said "I once had a female friend back in Ireland, who was raped and I was so angry I walked the streets of my city looking for the guy so I could beat him to death" Mr. Neeson would be cheered for standing up for women. But because the guy who assaulted his friend happened to be black, people are more concerned about him beating a black guy up more than just the fact that he went out looking to beat someone up at all. Just because he mentioned a race (which i admit, I would not have done) we're more focused on Liam attempting a hate crime, that never happened. and we are forgetting that he stopped himself and called it stupid and found shame in his own action 40 YEARS AGO no less.

No matter how we tell the story, even people who are angry at Liam have always said, "well maybe he was just going out in anger for what a guy did to his friend" still are leaning towards the facts that it was a problem of THOUGHT that he self course corrected, thankfully before he did anything to anyone. White people, especially those with a history of prejudice/racism, who call it out and show growth and say, "that was bad and the old me" are given props and credit all the time. Now that we're in a Social Media "I wanna see the world burn environment", it's just become another form of entertainment to see if he can be punished for thinking. The only public relations mistake he made was mentioning a race. Mistake or not, it was still a fact.

Yes, it could have been delivered better but are we forgetting something? if this really happened it means that its possible that a guy who rapes women in Ireland never was procecuted and probably did it again. Liam was one sentence away from being a champion for women and because of that sentence is being accused of racism. I don't know too many racists who would work with as many minorities as he has worked with. I for one won't co-sign on his punishment because of a thought that many of us have had and probably will have again if the same situation occurred. Are we really going to start invoking thought police? If actions speak louder than words then how the hell can a thought that never took action (so to speak) can be amplified to these extremes?