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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Is A Story of Cowboys & Hippies

More than anything I feel that Once Upon a Time In Hollywood was a western set in Hollywood California. The theme being instead of the old stereotype of Cowboys and Indians was Actors and Hippies. Brad Pit played a cowboy type tough guy, strong silent type, a mans man. This film also made me think of that question asked Tarantino from the reporter with the Washington Post asked him why his movie did not feature more Margot Robbie. After seeing the film I have to strongly agree with Mr. Tarantino. This movie was a love letter to Sharon Tate. This was not about Margot Robbie. Her ability to serve the story and give honor to the life and tragic death of a fallen star at the hands of madmen and women was crafted extremely well. I think Tarantino won't be credited enough for what he did for her memory. My new ranking will include this instant classic in my top five of Tarantino movies.

1. Kill Bill (vol 1 & 2)
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Django Unchanged
4. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
5. Englorious Bastards

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