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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Front Runner Trailer Reaction

Democrat Gary Hart becomes the front-runner for the 1988 presidential nomination until allegations of an extramarital affair derail his campaign.
Release dateNovember 7, 2018 (USA)
DirectorJason Reitman
Production companiesBron StudiosStage 6 FilmsRight of Way Films
ProducersJason ReitmanHelen Estabrook
ScreenplayJason ReitmanMatt BaiJay Carson

I remember listening to Bill Burr's podcast where he talked about being in a film with Hugh Jackman. He didn't know if he was allowed to talk about it but was granted permission by the director to talk about it. It wasn't much detail. Just that it was a movie with Jackman and that it was going to be good. I remember thinking, "of course you'd say that, you're in the damn thing" but here we are. A movie based on a true story on Gary Hart. The moment I saw Burr standing in the scene it all came back.

With all of the rhetoric in politics this may be something that can stir up interest. Seems to me that a film like this coming out during the mid terms is not a coincidence.

This is obviously a potential Oscar contender. The release date and the power cast is all the ingredients for Oscar buzz. This looks like a good movie. I can't wait to cheer on by boy Burr. Click on the link if you want to subscribe to The Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.

To All The Boys I Loved Film Review

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

Sixteen Candles

Netflix has released the original film To All The Boys I Loved Before, based on the novel by the same named by Jenny Han, a Korean-American writer of children fiction. Knowing nothing of this before starting the film, the trailer was cleverly made to be considered either a children's fiction or a heavier teen drama/comedy. I do not know why I wanted the ladder. Probably because I am of the American Pie generation. Once I was twenty minutes into the film I was distracted by the campiness of the acting. That's when it hit me that this was going to be a light PG flick, safe for preteens to 17 young ladies. Of course my girlfriend likes it. The 80's references are on point. 

Fight Club

Some of the shocking and cool things about this for viewers of all ages. That one time the movie Fight Club was referenced. Then the film took a weird "Tyler Durden" moment when King Bach showed up. I'm glad the brother is working but why would he want to be in this film? It was just really jarring to see him pop up in this type of comedy. I guess for the most part you want to make sure that the target audience (teen) have the attention spans of a gnat. Mostly teen girls who are casually watching the movie on their Xbox or P24 Netflix app, while simultaneously on Snap Chat. PUT DOWN YOUR FREAKING PHONE and pick a device!!!

No Snitching

Seeing grown ups playing 16 and 17 year olds is always funny to me. Look, legally, you can't have minors in sex scenes less, your some type of edgy director that won't mind the blow back from parents. People know that teens do this and worse but they don't want to be reminded, while their being made to watch it in movies. If that makes sense. Putting adults in the film to portray teens makes it a little easier but in a weird double edge sword kind of way because you can totally go the American Pie route but you're still technically being faced with what kids really do when their parents aren't around. Audiences are weird. We want to be reminded but don't want to face the fact that our own children do the same things we did. Because it gets into the whole, who did worse territory. Gross. King Bach just showed up again in a high school cafeteria, saving off your beard doesn't make you 17.

Though the love Triangles or Squares or Pentagons, can lead anywhere but this is a very paint "Can't Buy Me Love" type film. The best parts of this film were already put on the trailer. The rubbers joke was the most misleading. Felt as though this was going to be a more raunchier flick, which it feels like it is trying to transition to in the third act of the film but the start of the film is too semented. I don't know if its mostly because of the writing or the direction of the film but the teasing of kid jokes to sex scapaids is not good for parents who want to shield some kids who may not be ready for these kinds of visuals and topics. At the same time, it a reminder to parents of what topics their kids are already dealing with. For the most part, it can ease parents and kids in a weird yet, slightly funny, conversation. Not about how badly this film is to a critic or how awesome it may be to a girl from ages 13 to 30 but about what goes on at parties, the importance of making the choice to have sex, popularity, and like "whatever". 

Over All

Not for me, Lana Condor did great job carrying the movie, she is worthy of being a teen idol for young ladies. I'm expecting more from her in the future. I see the potential in her in bigger roles. Her abilities as an actor in comedy, drama are extremely exceptional and believable which tells me that she will do well, given the right direction, in most genres. I look forward to seeing her again. The trailer not the only thing misleading in the film, the first 2 acts were so PG it was predestined for Nickelodeon then goes off to a wanna be explosion of hormones, which could be a metaphor but I doubt that much thought went into it. It was just jarring that this film was not consistent. King Bach saying "Sleep wherever you want slut" was just jaring from the way the film started. Maybe its just life, expect the unexpected at all times but I didn't expect a Diary of A Wimpy Kid to American Pie 2 when Stiffler's mom is ready to commit sexual assault of a minor. Oh my God, Stifler's mother is a rapist. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We Got Your Mail: Your Message Is Always Priority One

 We Want Your Mail, no We Need Your Mail!

T3Medias has received our first official press pass credentials to see advance screenings in the Houston area, we will be conducting more interviews at these events with the advance screening public; getting their reactions to the film that will be reported on our blog and YouTube channel. Our intent is to grow our subscribers and share the experiences to the public on other platforms as well. We need films fans to send us more feedback, thoughts and questions. We want people around the Greater Houston area where these test screenings are conducted to stop and give us their first reactions or join us in studio. We will announce in advance where we will be appearing live and also doing giveaways on location such as gift cards to your favorite theater and merch.

Your thoughts are all that matter.

For years T3Medias has run a segment on our YouTube Channel where mail that comes our way, whether intentional or not is read. Have you ever had that situation happen to you where your accidentally received your neighbors envelopes and had to run them over to them with the titled phrase, "Hey, We Got Your Mail". You hand it over, hopefully unopened and its a bonding experience, that you probably cant trust your neighbors. . .Ha Ha. Well, imagine if you will, you have a question about the hot topics going on in Hollywood and you want the experts at T3Medias to tackle it. Well, you came to the right place at the wrong time. We're no experts. We're just a couple of fans who like to talk movies. Just like you.

What We Hope

Image result for tons of mailSend us your topics and no matter if you reached us by mistake or intentional and want an answer. You will get your message answered. Mostly, all questions/topics are read out on YouTube but we always respond, no matter the platform. Comments here on our blog or on one of our videos posted on YouTube will get top shelf service. Reach out to us on social media and you'll get the same top rated service. We're no snobs. We want your questions, comments and concerns put in the damn box. So put it in the damn box! We're looking forward to live streaming questions and answer segments in studio or out on location. We Got Your Mail airs weekly but we hope to make it a daily segment on the T3Medias YouTube channel.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Is Neil Blomkamp The Right Fit For Robocop 2

One of my great friends who I do a lot of work with on the T3 media's YouTube channel disagrees with me on one major subject.  Neil Blomkamp is a one trick pony. Ever since district 9 my friend Sean has been saying that Neil Bluhm camp is a great director. After just 1 major release I would say he did a great job but great director is yet to be seen. I may be alone in this I know Sean disagrees with me but elysium and Chappie just did not do it. Not that they weren't good movies in their own right they just told the exact same story as district 9.

It seems to me that Neil Blomkamp can only tell a story where the government has some kind of control over a group of people and some kind of enhancement or technology gets out or away from their control and that entity then has to do everything they can to contain in recapture and reclaim the target. Is the exact same story. Should I be worried then he was set to direct a new Aliens movie? Maybe perhaps not. It was not a property that he Created himself so what do I worry that he was taken off that project and then put on the red con/reboot of the robocop sequel?
With Neil Blomkamp heading the helm for robocop to a movie that set to erase the original robocop sequels and every sequel that came after with an all new and original direction, we hope, maybe this is a new beginning. I believed more so with alien.I know the more that I think about it now Robocop is almost the exact same story as Chappie and Elysium.  Maybe having Neil play in a new sandbox that he did not come create is a good step but the sand is all too familiar for half. This could be a good thing for his type of directing and writing style or we just may see the same old things he's done for his other 3 fillings infused in a beloved universe.

Things like having the hero having to run away and escape from their creators was already set inside of the robocop universe but other things like Casting unknown rappers from other countries Playing major key roles in the film with little to no acting ability. Lest we forget he almost cast eminem to play in elysium.   I'm hopeful that robocop movie good but if it is lacking for a financial flop I will officially jump off the bandwagon for this director.

For more go to a YouTube channel and see our thoughts on this subject. Don't forget to comment here or on youtube with any questions you have to be featured on our segment “we got your mail”.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Did Awkwafina Steal Her Acting Style From Natasha Lyonne

Image result for awkwafina

Related image

No you idiots, that was obviously click bait. This story isn't about pinning one actor against another. We won't be doing any trivial girl fights stuff around here. I'm just pointing out something I kind of noticed while watching Awkwafina at her finest. It can all just be in my head but its something I've been wanting to talk about.

Related image

I know very little about Awkwafina I've heard that she's in the hip hop game but I mostly know of her work on screen. First time I saw her portrayal character was in the Hulu original series future man and now she's playing in Ocean's 8 and crazy Rich Asians. She's a very funny actress her character is so far seem very similar but still uniquely original but for a while now there was something familiar about her acting style that I could not put my finger on. It took me a few times watching her work for me to finally pinpointed. I don't know if this is a little Prejudice or not but maybe being a minority this might buffer it a little bit so I will refrain from calling anyone and Asian version of another race or another race that racist version of her, if that makes sense. With that being said there is a similarity of her acting style that reminds me of Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is the New Black fame.

Image result for natasha lyonne the intervention 2016Now I have been watching Natasha work for many years her sarcasm is unmatched. but when I tell you that there is a unique similarity of how Awkwafina yourself sometimes I can close my eyes and I would swear to everything that I know in love that I'm listening to Natasha Leoni on film. Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe Awkwafina was raised in the same sarcastic school as Natasha but the sarcasm is very strong with them and very similar. I could be out of line with the comparison but I can't help but notice the similarities. At the very least I feel that these two people draw from their true personalities when portraying any character on film and that these two young ladies would definitely get along.

The gamer character that she portrayed in Future Man reminded me a little bit of Natasha's character on American Pie. it's probably mostly to do with the graininess or tone and graveness in their voices. There are other similarities, both live in New York City, which could explain their takes on life and how they react. Natasha is 10 years Awkwafina’s senior. Natasha talks about being sexually assaulted coming up in Hollywood and Awkwafina is a heavy voice in the Times Up movement. Both of these women have a lot to contribute to the progression of women.

Though there backgrounds are completely different and there is very little connecting them, all film is subjective and I can not help but seeing so many similar traits. Maybe one day they will work together. I, being a fan of both, will be looking forward to seeing more come from both artist. Awkwafina has a long way to go in the business to accomplish half of what Natasha has done in the film business. I mean Natasha was apart of a huge franchise with American Pie, but if Crazy Rich Asians gets the trilogy treatment then there is another similarity checked off. Till then guess we’ll have to wait and see what other comparisons we can make.I will say that both of these ladies are like gravity pulling at our attention when they take the stage. 

Oh, one more, Awkwafina is a rapper and Natasha is dating Fred Armisen who plays music. I know that one was a stretch but its still something.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Happytime Murders Review: Is There A Franchise Here?

I just saw The Happytime Murders and had a great time with it. If you want to know how much fun I had just check out the video link above. Go to my YouTube channel become a subscriber and behave yourselves.

Over all my idea is probably horrible and this should probably be ignored but to my point, I see a plausible franchize. The Happytime franchise could be taking to so many new levels. Horror, action, and drama with a touch of gut busting comedy. This was a style of movie that hasn't been done in a very long time. Not with this much attention to detail and heart. There were so many times I forgot the stars were puppets, if that makes sense.

With a world where puppet citizens are treated as second class, a Puppets Rights movement that imitates the struggles with class and race in the real world makes sense for a sequel as well. There are so many possibilities. I just hope enough people put in the time to see this movie that more can come to light with this team and characters. There was so much left out and could be said in the future. Lets just hope Melissa's husband doesn't try to direct any of them. A cameo was enough.

The happytime murders is a rated R puppet movie where humans and puppets live together. The reality is that puppets that we grew up with and see on television and shows such as the Muppet Show are now living breathing characters in the real world that live among us. Much like who framed Rodger rabbit this movie follows the story of Phil a former cop turn private detective who has to solve the murders of a group of people involved with a beloved TV show from the 90s called the happytime game. it turns out that a settlement from the network that ran this TV series will give the surviving cast members 10 million dollars and one by one all of the former members are being murdered. teamed up with Melissa McCarthy's character these wants partners are now at odds since Phil puppet cause the death of a puppets citizen when trying to save the life of Melissa McCarthy who was being held at gunpoint by a crazy and deranged puppet Criminal. 

This leads to believe that puppets were not fit to do police work making the field character the first and only puppet to be on the police force. As the story progresses true old-school sense of a buddy cop film period at sometimes I've even forgot that I was looking at Old World of puppets and could only see the dynamic between and her. just spoke volumes on the efforts of the late great Jim Henson son directing a solid piece of work. At some point of the movie things felt like they were going a tad too far or was pushing the envelope a little too fast but overall the movie flowed well and the comedy and humor was more funny then defensive or just observe. there was a lot of heart and charm to this movie if you can believe that. I believe a franchise lives here and there could be a sequel. I also believe that it could be a one-and-done just like the formation who framed Rodger rabbit. There's no doubt in my mind that critics will not before I move it like this but I do believe that there is a place in public opinion for this film and that it will be a 50-50 split for the most part you will either love this movie or hate this movie.

I also see potential in a new direction for Melissa McCarthy's career she is always been a hit-and-miss type of actress and this is a definite hit maker. I hope that she comes back to this world and tries to take a sequel to a whole new level. where the comedy aspect was done so well I'm curious to see what a attempt at a true drama would look like Even a horror either way because of the puppets involved in this universe the comedy would write itself but overall there should always be a comedic Element no matter what. should people go to see this movie I believe they should. you'll have a great time your laugh and see things you've never thought you would see before. The team that brought this movie together and the cast and crew were great you can tell that a lot of fun was had at the making of This film. And it translates on screen. Overall I give it a B minus in the execution but you should definitely go see it that you give it your own point of view. That being said after seeing how well this film was executed while watching I asked myself "What if the sequel, if there is one, would be treated as a serious comedy". Would it still hold up? Could it still be funny? I believe so, if the drama was campy.

Before the movie began I saw the logo for Hanson alternative and I believed it was at first a take or jab at Jim Henson I later discovered that the movie was directed by Jim Henson son which gave me a new perspective of the meaning behind the name of his development team Hansen alternative. I look forward to seeing what mr. Hanson can do next. It may not be what his father said out but in today's society I'm glad that he's not afraid to take risks. puppets and puppetry are already in great hands with things like Sesame Street for our children but if we are going to take movies like Labyrinth to the next level, this is what will  prepare fans 4 the return of new puppet films. I believe the happytime murders is the first step in bringing back the magic of Puppets in films if that makes sense. If this opens the door for Labyrinth reboot then I am sure a sequel to The happytime Murders is definitely in the talks. Let's see what the fans decide because everything. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ant-Man And The Wasp Review

Ant-Man And The Wasp (7/10)

Director: Peyton Reed

Runtime: 118 Minutes

Image result for antman and wasp

For more reviews like this please visit my main page at Insane Reviewer on Facebook. I review a new film every two days and push myself at delivering thought out and detailed reviews.

After seeing the events that unfolded at the end of Infinity War, it’s strange to go back to the light hearted, humorous Marvel that we’re used to seeing. I was a big fan of the first Ant-Man, in fact it’s one of my favourite Marvel movies. It was more of a heist comedy and that’s what I loved about it, just like Winter Soldier is much more of a mystery thriller than a typical superhero flick.

Ant-Man And The Wasp is obviously set before Avengers: Infinity War, as well as being set two years after Civil War. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is under house arrest due to his actions in Civil War, until Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) and Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) need his help once more. They have a plan that could potentially bring back Hope’s mother from the quantum realm, whilst also wrangling with the movie's villain called Ghost.

I was actually a little disappointed with this movie, the issue I thought I was going to have I did end up having by the end. We know exactly what’s going to happen and because of this there never feels like there’s any true danger. But take away Infinity War and Ant-Man And The Wasp still lacks in some kind of danger. The plot is as straightforward as it gets, everything runs pretty smoothly without any implications. There’s a few plot points that don't really advance the story but there’s enough subplots to keep it from being boring. Scott is a bit of a mixed bag, I felt as though he was torn between two minds. Sometimes he behaves like a sulky child, then other times he can be a mature, responsible adult. Ant-Man And The Wasp doesn't do enough to separate these two aspects of Scott’s personality.

The storytelling in this movie isn't brilliant, there is however many other aspects that are really well done. Most noteworthy being the villian (If you can call her that) Ghost, she isn't doing what she's doing out of anger, revenge, or to conquer the world. She’s slowly dying and everything she's doing is to save her own life. I felt this added a great layer of empathy to the character. I know this is going to be a controversial thing to say that I much preferred her motives over Killmonger from Black Panther. Killmonger (Although a cool villain) did his actions out of revenge, and although lodes of people called it new and unique for the Marvel Universe I personally never saw it.

The choreography during the action scenes is really well crafted, there’s a few brief hand to hand fight scenes but the majority of them are CGI. Allowing the director much more creativity over how he wanted to showcase the action scenes. The comedy can be very hit or miss this time around, whereas I thought most of the jokes landed in the first Ant-Man, this isn't the case with its sequel. There’s a lot of call backs to similar jokes from the first movie which weren't exactly appreciated, the only one I chuckled at was Luis doing his overly long monologue flashback as he was being interrogated. Most of the jokes can out stay their welcome, such as one where Scott keeps asking questions and replies with “I knew that”. Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd have good chemistry and Michael Douglas is always fun to watch.

Overall, Ant-Man And The Wasp is a good entry in the Marvel Universe. Far from as good as the first, it does enough to stand on its own by delivering some impressive action sequences, fun chemistry between its main leads, and a memorable villain. Of course it lacks the sheer scale of Infinity War, but it makes for a fun distraction whilst we wait for Avengers 4.