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Monday, July 13, 2015

Movie News: Minions Number One In Box office

As I predicted and still couldn't imaging that much of an intake. $400 Million worldwide.

Jurassic World in second place and Disney/Pixar holding strong in third.

It takes a giant minion to knock out the attack of Prat. Don't feel bad Disney, Inside was better.

By a mile.

Through The Trailers: Suicide Squad Leaked Trailer REACTION-ISH

I'm not going to show it but I am going to hurt you really really bad!!!

Everything about this trailer is awesome. I'm totally ready to rock and or roll with this team. I'm all about the Squad now. Seeing the Batman in action was a plus. Hearing Waller talk about the flood gate being opened after Superman's appearance. This universe is legit and ready to take over.


Are you?

Let me know.