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Friday, July 31, 2015

The BROS. To WrestleMania - 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Dies at 61 REACTION

I was driving home when I got the call. "Are you sad?" is all it said.

Holy Sh%t was my reply.

I only just got over the shock of Hogans racist rants and now this. I'm going to be sad for a while. This is a horrible day for wrestling fans all over the world.

Thank you Piper for all you have done. let the bagpipes play.

which I'm sure they will come Monday.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Rogue Nation Movie Action/ReAction!

The Rogue Nation has dropped, I was able to catch a last showing at an AMC theater. This movie was action packed, I believe Tom Cruise is still a leading man that has years of action in him. If Lean Neson isn't on the next MI movie or it doesn't crossover with Fast and Furious or both then its a missed opportunity. I missed Paula Patton but Ms. Furguson held her own and I believe is a mega star on the rise. 
We had the return of Ving Ramses and the back and forth with him and Renner was more than work the price of admission 
To soon for me to say whether or not it was better than the last MI movie but I will say it was a huge hit, funny, smooth, suspenseful and an action packed gem. You won't be disappointed. Paramount pictures, Tom Cruise, and J.J. Abrams delivers a great film