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Saturday, June 11, 2016

T3M Gets A Face Lift & Sends Hidden Messages

From now on T3M will be playing a game with its viewers and/or subscribers. You'll see that inside of the art of everything that we do you'll find hidden displays of the logo and name. Pay close attention to all of the thumbnails from now on. You'll want to keep your eyes pealed for the logo to be embedded somewhere not easily catchable.

Recently examples of the face lift for the channel was shared on Instagram with the Review of How To Be Single and T3M Conjuring 2.

Within each full episode, animation intros have been used to separate and introduce different segments like Trending, Movie Reviews and more.

We have even begun experimenting with the endings of each video. This will be rounding out the first phase of T3M. Once we reach our first milestone of 1000 subscribers and giving away the gaming console we'll move into phase two.

Thank you and please don't forget to share and Subscribe to our channel.