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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bad Times at the El Royale Trailer REACTION

My reaction to the Bad Times at the El Royale Trailer was that the cast seemed to be top notch. From the moment I saw Jeff Bridges and Jon Hamm I was hooked. I then was shocked at the first gun shot that came about. The two way mirrors were very spooky. Who's They, is what Jeff Bridges character said when it came to who is telling the hotel owner to watch guest.

A very psychedelic movie indeed. I don't know who would probably survive this movie, but when Jeff Bridges said "I'm not really a priest" my reaction was "No Shit", I figured that out just like the girl holding the gun to him did at the same time.

Did Hemsworth learn that little dance on the set of Thor? This was some dark, dark magic of a trailer. I'm at a loss for words but I'm going to see this move, this is the type of stuff I need to watch on the advance level. It looks amazing. The cast looks like they'll bring a lot of energy. I don't need to see a second or third trailer. I think it was punched hard on exactly what this movie is about and expect it to get ever more bad. From bad to worse regularly till the credits roll. Whoever survives, gets to live with everything experienced in this fucked up film. Till we can all sit down and see exactly who done it or who all is involved we can only speculate.

Thank you for reading and watching my reaction. Till the Review.



So i went to see Hotel Artemis and this trailer played before the film. The atmosphere for this was perfect. You can sense that something big is about to twist off. For the first time i heard the answer to the question, "Who told you to watch the tenants". He says "management".

Who the hell is management?

Okay consumers, I'm not sure this will be a blockbuster but it looks like an instant cult classic to me.

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