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Thursday, March 21, 2019

All of Us Learning From The Mistakes of Shyamalan

After watching the film Us, the second horror by Jordan Peele. There were two things I realized. After one movie Peele has already started a fan base that looks forward to his films like a comic book universe. There were a lot of people saying "I can't wait to see the next Jordan Peele movie" something that usually take three or four movie hits to accomplish. Two, it feels to me like some critics are over hyping the aura around his genius.

Now, i believe Peele has proven to be a brilliant director. What he accomplished as a sketch artist to translate it to horror, I could tell he would not be a one hit wonder. What I mean by the hyping is that it seems that critics are looking to make a new genre of horror and make Jordan Peele the mastermind of a new movement for filming. I fear that the people who criticize him are giving him a instant pass because of the accomplishments of the first movie. This was the same mistake made about M. Knight Shyamalan, another director he is compared to a lot.

Related imageWas Us a great movie compared to Get Out? No. Not in my opinion. Is it a good movie on its own merit? Hell Yes. You should not compare the two and a lot of us are feeling that this would have served better if it were the first film instead of the second. I went in with a lot of Get Out baggage on my shoulders. This was a mistake. These are two different types of thrillers. As a director, once again, he's proven to be an actors director. He brings out the best in everyone. What he was able to get out of the children in this film proves that he is not a flash in the pan. I have no fear that Jordan will buy into any of the hype surrounding him the way I feel that M. Knight did posing on a magazine cover with the words, "The Next Spielberg" on it. If that were to happen, I would see it as more of a joke.

Learning from the mistakes of the past, I do not see Peele losing his way but time will tell. We'll have more perspective by the third or fourth attempt. Taking on Candyman and looking to do and not just his own original works is a sign that he is keeping a level head about everything probably due to his comedic background and the ability to laugh at himself.

I believe we can learn from the past and how we celebrity worship and over hype creative minds in the Hollywood/Hollyweird environment. People get a little bit too extra and start feeling themselves too fast. I do not find the logic in calling out Peele's movies as a sort of sub-genre. People all over medias and social medias are talking about the Us film in the terms of "I can't wait to see the next Jordan Peele movie" Not saying, the movie that is made by Jordan Peele but "The Jordan Peele Movie" in the same context as a Marvel Movie. We did not start saying this about Marvel till the Avengers film came out. That was when we new we were in a sub-genre of comic book films. It even took Shyamalan after Signs came out before we started testing the phrase "Shyamalan Film" and that did not last too long. I worry but I'm sure Peele will not go into the rabbit hole. Even M Night is starting to emerge out of it. Thank goodness.

Overall, this movie delivers but it was not as horrific as I was being lead to believe. It was thrilling and had some great moments but the ending may have been a little more predictable due to the trailers for me. I was not that blown away by it. Not like I was with Get Out. So go see this film, and get Get Out out of your head before you watch it. These two movies do not work in the same universe.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Is Lucy In The Sky Just Black Swan In Space?

Natalie Portman can never just do a movie. She always has to take us deep. I mean, this looked like another, wow look how I survived something that almost went really bad while I was floating in space movie. Then it takes a totally different turn. It becomes a wow, look at how much things on Earth suck compared to what I saw up there. Sex isn't good, food sucks, going to the theme park sucks, everything on Earth is small and insignificant. No one but a few people understand. There's no one I can really talk to and they probably won't let me go back because I won't pass the psych exam again after I share a few opinions with some therapist.

This reminds me of how there are some people who have been through traumatic situations can laugh in the face of what normal society calls danger. A little turbulence in a plane, do you think the pilot cares? He's taking a nap in there. He's flown in wars. That cockpit is probably boring to him. I feel that this movie is going to be like the Black Swan in space. I know that sounds like a dig, but its actually a plus for me. Portman can transport the viewer into a deep ocean of the imagination just by having us gaze into her eyes. I don't know how she's gained this superpower but it works for me and I can not wait to see how this film turns out.

She says shes fine in the end. I call BS. No way. In her mind she's still strapped to that NASA chair and on edge. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a first contact with aliens kind of film and she is being controlled. Probably just thinking about a galaxy far far away. This is what surprises me most about this trailer. I would think Portman would stay away from the stars for a little while. I guess its been a good number of years since Episode III but she still feels like the queen.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Bumblebee 2 Is Coming! Win The Blu-ray Of The Original Adventure Here

You heard it right Paramount/Hasbro has green lit the sequel the the hit Bumblebee movie. So lets celebrate the news with a give away of the upcoming 4k Ultra HD movie. Movie fans, join us on T3Medias outlets and send us your questions to ask one of the stars of Bumblebee, Jason Drucker, when we interview him before the release. If you questions are used you will be notified in advance and win a copy of the movie. You will also be credited for your question during the interview.

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Don't delay, act now, supplies are running out!!!

“The best TRANSFORMERS movie yet”
--Pete Hammond, Deadline

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Boasting an impressive 93% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, BUMBLEBEE is filled with “personality, wit [and] imagination” (David Fear, Rolling Stone).  The Digital*, 4K Ultra HD, and Blu-ray releases are packed with over an hour of exciting special features, including an all-new BUMBLEBEE motion comic following the beloved AUTOBOT on his next adventure. Plus, check out deleted and extended scenes you didn’t see in theaters, including the original opening of the movie, enjoy hilarious outtakes, and see G1 (Generation 1) TRANSFORMERS robots on CYBERTRON through the eyes of BUMBLEBEE with exciting Bee Vision.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

What Would Danny Tanner Would Have To Say About Lori Loughlin

It seems to me that the lessons from Danny Tanner all these years were just going into one ear and out of the other. I never allow myself to celebrity worship or confuse a person with the character they portray on TV. I found it discussing that so many people said that they were surprised that Lori Loughlin could have been apart of the college scandal because of aunt Becky. Two things can still be true and human beings prove it all the time. I've seen this play out and people are really delusional on thinking that a road to hell being paved with good intent is something new.

Aunt Becky is not force feeding college onto her children, nor is the character from Desperate Housewives. These were the acts of Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, two actors being charged with the college admissions cheating scandal. Though Huffman was only found to have given $15000 for bribes, Loughlin and her husband were charged with giving over $500,000 to get there daughter, Olivia Jade, a woman who has admitted on her YouTube channel to not care about college, into elite schools. This is just after it has been reported that schools have sought to prosecute parents who put different addresses to get their children zoned to better schools after being ignored for living in "rougher areas". The world is waiting to see if the judges go easy on them based on status, race or both.
Olivia Jade has already dropped out of school and has shut down comments on her youtube channel in light of getting caught up in this scandal. Seems to me and everyone else that she would have been all to willing to take away much more deserving students if the light was never shined on this at all. Hallmark, Full House and all a lot of endorsers for Olivia Jade have all dissociated. The lesson that "I don't want to put too much pressure on my children" as Lori has been quoted for saying in video interviews, will all be for not. If these privileged people can only live in a world of wealth and now all of their sources of income is gone or going, it is only a matter of time till they crumble under the pressure.

Let's be honest, the chances of Olivia and her sister Isabella marrying rich is still an option. So there's no need of a valuable lesson to be learned by Uncle Jesse.

Tupac Shakur was quoted to saying that rich should give to the poor.  "Imagine if a corporation went out to a playground and gave the kids a ball to play with and the one kid who shared the most they give him/her a scholarship. That would give people hope. Where there's hopelessness there is revolution".

For too long people with the means to not only get their kids all the best advantages and head starts are now also taking short cuts. the former is tough enough for poor people but the ladder is unacceptable.

I find it hilarious that their daughter snitched on her father on what he did with his parents college money to start his fashion business. I call that a nail in a the coffin.

There is a huge difference between what these two women have done but it is still typical of people with means that feel that cutting corners even though you could just use the advantages allowed within the scope of your wealth, connections and means to get ahead. Poor people and poor minorities in general are usually over looked in this country. Even though we tell our children that if they do the right thing they can make it. The truth is this is not just a Hollywood elite problem. You have people with connects, legacies, kin folk, brothers and relatives who help people cut corners all the time. Perks are one things, but when you bulldoze obstetrical out of the way and then complain about structures such as affirmative action when a minority is placed in the same system is complete and utter hypocrisy. There is nothing more affirmative than the act of throwing your money around. I believe that every parent who has been arrested for using a different address to get their child out of a ghetto school into a school that matches the child abilities. The kids who's college apps ignored due to the name on the page or the area they are from, should all be looked into.

Having a snobby "you don't belong here" attitude is not just a rich thing. This is not new. Once we stop circling the wagons on a particular perk and start opening lanes for children who truly earn it and allowing more minorities to make up for the disproportions being done for decades things will be better. If a person who is a legacy or a person with a mentality that its their right to go to a

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Three Key Plot Points You Missed In The Avengers Endgame Trailer 2

I have to say it because we know people get mad. Spoiler Alerts! The topics mentioned, though short may lead to exact plot points that could spoil the movie for some viewers of the Disney Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame.

The brilliant thing about the new trailer just like the last one Marvel gave us for Avengers Endgame was that it gave us some new things to look forward to without revealing anything, especially the plot. Here are a few things you might have missed.

Ant-man may start off the film stuck in a Quantum realm.
As we saw in the end of Ant-man and the Wasp. Janet Pym made a point of saying "Don't get stuck in a time vortex". He is shown at the avengers tower in the year 1983. This may lead into a plot to use the Quantum realm to go back in time during events in Avengers and Avengers Age of Ultron to collect the infinity stones to face off with Thanos.

New Avenger Suits

A lot of people think the new red and black suits is considered to be the ones they wear to go back off to face Thanos. But I believe this is what is warn to go into the Quantum Realm. Since Janet Pym mentioned the ability to get stuck in a time vortex with the help of the other Avengers, i.e. Tony Stark, they may learn how to use time travel to their advantage and go back and forth through time to reset everything. It has also been mentioned that toys have been released spoiling and confirming that these are in fact. click here for the story

Thor and Captain Marvel Paring

The Norse God and Carol Danvers have an intense face to face but they are not scene in the quantum realm suit walk scene. They must have been teamed up since they are able to survive in space. I believe the teams have split up and your two strongest guns are traveling through space. I think Thor would be a fool not to at least try to flirt with Captain Marvel. As mentioned on a facebook comment Brie Larson is looking like a snack in this trailer.

Bonus: Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory
Related image
Time travel and resetting things that Thanos has done to the universe may be why it seems that we will begin the next Spider-man movie as if the events in Infinity War and Endgame will not happen. Meaning we may be experiencing things in an alternative timeline that the Avengers can live with. Will the surviving avengers move to the new timeline and leave Thanos in the one he created making everyone happy? We'll have to find out.

If you want to see my reaction to the second trailer for Endgame click the link below.

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Joana Metrass Says Once Upon A Time Is A Very Feminist Show Changing The Way We See Fairy Tales

Born in Lisbon, Portugal with Italian, French, Argentinian, Jewish, Chinese and Cape Vert heritage. Known for her work in several international productions including the ABC series "Once upon a time" in the role of Queen Guinevere from Camelot. She moved to the U.S.A at 17 to do her senior year as an exchange student. In Portugal attended the Portuguese National Conservatory, in between studied in New York and Italy . Worked for several years in the Portuguese film and TV industry. Moved to London in June 2013. Where she landed her first parts in International movies. Wins a Gulbenkian grant in professional development and goes to Los Angeles in 2014. In 2015 moves to Los Angeles and lives and works at the moment between Los Angeles and London.
- IMDb Mini Biography By: Joana Metrass
YouTube Video of the Interview with Briana Ortiz
On March 13, 2019 Briana Ortiz sat down with Joana Metrass via video chat for an interview.

Briana: The transition from the Latin to American Screen?

Joana: I prefer focusing on the times, because I have an accent and I'm able to work with multiple different latin accents that helps with my parts. Because the reality is there is a ton of auditions. If there is twenty auditions for a part for people who look like me and have my age maybe one of those twenty will allow accents. Acting is different actually in North America than in Latin countries. Like the way you act. In latin productions they like more facial expressions and physical movement.

Briana: I'm actually in the same boat, my family is Mexican and Colombian, i have a thick accent and speak with my hands a lot. And now americans are embracing more latin countries. Do you see more opportunities
in your career today?

Joana: Yeah definitely it's changing the opportunities for sure Things are opening up a lot. Everything regarding our image and everything regarding the exit thing. the diversity in general and as a woman more interesting roles are coming up no matter where they're from. before if you weren't American there weren't as many roles for women and women writers.
Briana: What would you say is the project that you have enjoyed the most so far?
Joana: That's really hard that's like having a kid and having to choose the favorite. It's very hard. Just as you said that and why we're doing this I'm thinking about it and I'm like maybe this one but no not that one. But what I can say is definitely the project that I love the most in the reason why I'm an actress is projects that Not the main intention is for entertainment but To bring awareness and bring voice to causes that need to be heard. Like Once Upon A Time it might seem like it was a fantasy show and just entertainment but it's not it's a very feminist show and changing the way we see fairy tales . for instance, It's not about a woman in a tower waiting to be rescued it's the first Snow White story where she holds a sword and I love that. I like things that brings awareness. cuz when you go to the movies and spend 2 hours and spend time in someone else's story , crying for them laughing for them and that really Expands our level of empathize as humans. And I think that's our mission as artist cuz I believe the world would be a better place and really change your world as you grow more empathy. And that's what this film is about mine bed these kids are victim of circumstances and if it was To happen to us we would grow up the same way. There's a film that I did right at the beginning of my career that I that had some really tough teams that had some rape scenes. And I remember before doing that scene I was on the phone with my mom, And my mom saying well if this helps one girl out there it's already worth it. It's been eight or nine years since that film and I still receive messages and emails from girls who said it helped them.

Briana: I think if you can find that connection and I see that what you guys are trying to do. What future projects do you hope to be apart of?

Joana: I love projects with this kind of attention. That gives voices to these types of causes causes.I love doing Period things. I love, biographies and I love anything that changes my image a lot which is something that I don't get to do often. One of the reasons why I became an actress was so I could Have my hair completely different maybe purple or have a mohawk. I love having projects that make me have to create a completely different image. Briana: What was it like working with Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Joana: We had to do a lot of research for this film and the director got us to meet learned from FBI agents and with the gangs. It was a very challenging experience both for me and for him I believe. Jean-Claude Van Damme, He's kind of like a legend. I work with a lot of famous actors but never wanted considered a legend so I was really nervous when I got there. I remember sitting across a table I'm thinking he's just a colleague, like he's here like me.  There's a thing about his character, for him it was a challenge and for me and it was incredible. Discovering the depth of a relationship because we had to be able to communicate and be truthful in our communication for the audience to see it. It had to be so true we couldn't hide anything the audience has to look into our eyes to understand our relationship and our feelings and everything that's going on and that was really cool. Briana: Where would you be if you were not an actress?

Joana: It's a decade now it's been 10 years. I thought about it because an acting you have ups and downs. And you just never know. During those times of panicked and thought about it of course. And when I thought about it I panic even more. It's not what I would be capable of doing it's what else I would be happy doing. And I really don't know cuz this is my thing. I'm not one of those actors that would love to direct one day or something I love acting it's what I love doing. So I don't know what else I would be doing and I really don't want to have to figure it out.

Briana: now people are recognizing your name more and not just from the Latin to American culture. So I want to ask you one last name. What advice would do you give to young women?

Joana: I think there's two things. The first one is the biggest gift my parents gave me was ever since I was little oh, my parents always taught me that I was capable and I could do whatever I wanted to do. It was never a question. It never even crossed my mind. I grew up with all just systems and there were girls who said what do you mean you can't do it because you're a girl, cuz it was not a part of my reality. There was never any doubt if I was intelligent enough or if I was allowed because I was a woman or anything. I honestly grew up with the structural feeling that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted. At least going after it. I never felt less than anybody and no one is. no woman is. And that's for any job. And I think the other thing is but in a career it is as important to say no as it is to say yes. That change things a lot for me. I've had offers on things I said no to. And sometimes it's hard but it was completely against something I believe and I think that we get this fear culture that if we say no no one will ever call you again or they won't like you. You learn to say no in a respectful way and be thankful but if it goes against your values and it's something you're not comfortable doing my experience is that you actually be more respected for it. At the end of the day if you're not respecting for it it's about you and you having a clear conscience. I've had offers on role that I thought were completely degrading for women and I was completely against and I just wouldn't do it and I wouldn't talk myself into it and I think that's important.

The film is we die young it is in theaters and the west and everywhere on demand.
Follow Briana Ortiz: Thank you Joana Metrass. You can follower her on all social media platforms @joanametrass
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Captain Marvel Weekend Was So Loud It's Beating Up The Block & Knocking Pictures Off The Wall

Energy flows where attention goes.
Boy, did the trolls or as I call them, Hater Skrulls, failed miserably and are on total hush mouth. They say that there is no such thing as bad press. This is not true in the age of social media but for the sake of a Marvel Studios mega hit we're seeing a magical result. From the very beginning of the campaign to ruin Brie Larson's name. To the hit job placed on the Captain Marvel movie to say that it will not be any good and even if it is it will be boycotted for a comment Brie Larson made. I believe that all of the negativity against this film backfired and caused more of an uproar. If the campaign never happened. Captain Marvel probably would have had a extremely smaller opening. It  was basically free advertisement. That or Disney paid all of the trolls money to generate more buzz. Mystery solved. Mecharandom42 is a paid agent of Disney at this point. Whether you like it or not, sites like hers did the work to get this money over the top.
All of the Hater Skrulls who said they would protest and boycott the movie and not see it obviously lied at an astronomical amount. I said it on my YouTube channel multiple times over, all of them lied. The ones who bragged that they were going to pirate the film at home, they were going to do it anyways. These people are not real movie goers. Unless they're on a date or seeing a film from an actor who they love and will never bother to go inter the twitter history to then hate. The Haters will only work for their own agenda. Now that bubble has popped and as the numbers came pouring in on the success of the film it simultaneously so has the silence on its hate campaign and the same is beginning to be said about the Shazam film which is also getting great reviews as we get closer to the premiere.

How the mighty haters have fallen. I've only seen a fraction of the ones who are still determined to call all of the good news for this movie "fake new". I mean, so original right. So lets keep the love coming and talk about the numbers shall we?

According to Opening Weekend numbers, Captain Marvel ranks 18th on the list at $153 million box office. Where did it rank number one? It's the first Marvel character, that has never been featured in another film in the cinematic universe, to make this amount of money. Black Panther was in Captain America Civil War so, don't count. Deadpool comes the closest, but that's it. Why is this? Well, this movie comes after Avengers Infinity Wars and before Avengers Endgame, no you don't have to see Captain Marvel to know what's going to happen but the clever thing about it is that this film answers a lot of questions that were just left unanswered or not ventured into that much. I'm sure this was always the plan and it was extremely entertaining to see.

In the end, the heroes triumphant and the future of comic book films is bright. One of the greatest things about Captain Marvel is how much is showed honor to Stan Lee. If you're a cryer, prepare yourself.

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If you have not seen the film and want my non spoiler review see the link below.

Spoiler Talk Review Here

If you want more about the Trolls and my full discussion on the fake campaign against Captain Marvel see this video below.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Captain Marvel Movie REVIEW

Here are some of the things I took away from and covered about the Captain Marvel Film.

CGI was great in most parts. Bad in the space fights. I felt that the reason we got the Captain Marvel flying in space shooting down ships was because it looked great on a small screen but seeing in IMAX it was one of the moments where the CGI was not up to par.
Nostalgia was great.
Listening to a bunch of hits from the 90's brought me back to my Total Request Live days. Some songs were not a good fit but others were perfect.
Wasn't a woman power movie like Wonder Woman, though because WW did it first Captain Marvel did not have to play that up. Wonder Woman is an amazon so her calling out sexism made more sense. I would have rolled my eyes if Captain Marvel would have beat up a guy and then say, "And you just got beat by a girl". It worked for Wonder Woman but the impact of marvel's first female lead movie falls a little flat to DC only because we're not worried about having a great female lead superhero now thanks to Wonder Woman so it's good that they didn't play up to the woman card at all.

This felt like a paint by numbers Marvel film, which worked but there were so many scenes where I was like, this feels like a Thor moment, that feels like Ironman, and this feels like a Captain America. There were a lot of killer moments that were all its own but too many that felt too much like the formula, if that makes sense.
In my opinion, better than Ironman 2 & 3, Thor 2, Antman 2, Doctor Strange and tied with Antman, thor 3, avengers 2. The rest it falls short of. I give this movie a you have to check it out because there are a few movies where I tell myself. I've got to go back and see it again right out of the door as I'm headed to my car and I definitely said this to myself as I left. This movie is exciting enough to watch multiple times. It charges you up for the Endgame. Despite my few nitpick I rank this film high. I'm more excited to see what Larson can do amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I'm curious to see how she'll react to Captain America and Ironman. This movie poked fun at a lot of things from the past that we take for granted today. Like high speed internet, Blockbuster Video and two way pagers.
Speaking of which, I'm hoping for a moment in Endgame where Brie Larson (Danvers) looks around Earth and asks, where did all the Blockbusters go and see if anyone blames it on the snap.
If you want to watch the full version of this review watch it on YouTube.

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