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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Aquaman Movie Raises All Tides, Expectations, Man Of Steel 2 Dreams & Momoagasms The World Over

Taking Joy out on a New Years date to see the King of the Ocean, Jason Momoa in Aquaman. I love the effects the underwater battles. The usage of lights and colors was amazing. The thing most of all was that it raised the bar and expectations for the better. The chemistry with Momoa along with the rest of the cast was epic. How they justified Black Manta was also inspiring. I think it will make DC really consider using more superheroes and villain of color. This was a good time to the movies, one that deserves a lot of recognition and the hope that it forces Warners hand on making Man of Steel 2 with Henry.

At this point there are a lot of ladies who are Jason Momoa fanatics taking their kids to see Aquaman, more for themselves than anything else. "Sure son, lets see it again and again". Multiple Momoagasms.

This film should easily hit a BILLION