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Friday, November 21, 2014

Peanuts Movie Trailer Short Review

Well its her. Or at least the trailer. Peanuts. I’m so happy to be writing this story. I felt like a kid again once the music began to play. I was transported back in time to all of the Christmas specials and Thanksgiving movies where Charlie Brown and the gang had so many great adventures. This trailer made me forget that it was in 3D because of how brilliantly the animation mimics the core design of the Peanuts cartoon/comic strip. 

Seeing Snoopy and Woodstock with the dog house was so heart warming. It appears that 20th Century Fox will not tamper with the spirit of this cartoon by Schulz. Produced by Blue Sky Productions, the same company that brought us the Rio movies and Ice Age seem to be striking gold once again with this adaptation. So far I’m pleasantly pleased with the teasers and trailers. I think that everything thing I’m seeing and hearing about production is awesome using the great Bill Melendez to voice Snoop was pleasantly surprising. I’m giving this trailer my highest regards and cant wait to see the movie with my family.