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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5 Way Elizabeth Banks Is So Repulsive

Reaction To The Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Picture of Elizabeth Banks As Rita Repulsa of The Upcoming Power Rangers Motion Picture

Rita never looked so good. My first thoughts were how beautiful of a woman Elizabeth Banks truely is. This costume is a step in the right direction of where I hope the Power Rangers are going. I am going to give a complete breakdown of this image. 

Color: With a name like Rita Repulsa, it makes sense that they've gone with a toxic waste green direction. It indicates that the movie may be darker in tone. As dark as the costume is in comparison to the brown  nightmare in the original series. It shines in the light and has an enhanced quality that tells me that she's right out of your darkest nightmare.

Body: Same color as her consume, Elizabeth looks great in this color. What I'm curious about is the gold stripes. They look like a crown or a hat type accessory but more than that it feels as if it were coming from her skull itself. It may be in the characters head, like horns, if you will. The same can be found on her nails which makes me feel that I'm correct in my assumption. But more than likely these are just fashion accessories that make her a more dangerous warrior. These items could be weapons that make me beleive that you'll see more one-on-one action with this Rita. Her skin is dirty, the spots around her may be this way because she may rise our of her prison on the moon as she did in the serious or this could be her skin type. She's a humanoid alien, very sexy and her eyes being deep blue is interesting. I'd have given her a green look but to keep the blue is intriguing to the point that makes me feel as if they'll be a softer origin story. Will Rita be a good girl turned bad?

The shape of her forehead is also a mysterious feature. She's more creaturish this time around. I feel as if Elizabeth could play it funny but with a demonic look as this is, I think it would play better if she is all business, scary, if you will. 

The last bit of detail is the whip around her neck, at first glance I assumed it was just a large piece of jewelry but see in her left hand, she's holding it. Yes, this Repulsa will be a true lass kicker. I'm excited in the direction this going. I can't wait to see the Rangers and how they'll handle Zordon and the God awful Snarf like robot Alpha. 

That's my first impression and I am impressed indeed. What did you think? Do you believe this movie will be a dud or blockbuster? Has this picture changed your mind for better or worse? Be apart of the conversation. 

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