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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We Got Your Mail: Your Message Is Always Priority One

 We Want Your Mail, no We Need Your Mail!

T3Medias has received our first official press pass credentials to see advance screenings in the Houston area, we will be conducting more interviews at these events with the advance screening public; getting their reactions to the film that will be reported on our blog and YouTube channel. Our intent is to grow our subscribers and share the experiences to the public on other platforms as well. We need films fans to send us more feedback, thoughts and questions. We want people around the Greater Houston area where these test screenings are conducted to stop and give us their first reactions or join us in studio. We will announce in advance where we will be appearing live and also doing giveaways on location such as gift cards to your favorite theater and merch.

Your thoughts are all that matter.

For years T3Medias has run a segment on our YouTube Channel where mail that comes our way, whether intentional or not is read. Have you ever had that situation happen to you where your accidentally received your neighbors envelopes and had to run them over to them with the titled phrase, "Hey, We Got Your Mail". You hand it over, hopefully unopened and its a bonding experience, that you probably cant trust your neighbors. . .Ha Ha. Well, imagine if you will, you have a question about the hot topics going on in Hollywood and you want the experts at T3Medias to tackle it. Well, you came to the right place at the wrong time. We're no experts. We're just a couple of fans who like to talk movies. Just like you.

What We Hope

Image result for tons of mailSend us your topics and no matter if you reached us by mistake or intentional and want an answer. You will get your message answered. Mostly, all questions/topics are read out on YouTube but we always respond, no matter the platform. Comments here on our blog or on one of our videos posted on YouTube will get top shelf service. Reach out to us on social media and you'll get the same top rated service. We're no snobs. We want your questions, comments and concerns put in the damn box. So put it in the damn box! We're looking forward to live streaming questions and answer segments in studio or out on location. We Got Your Mail airs weekly but we hope to make it a daily segment on the T3Medias YouTube channel.