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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Go Rogue: Mission Accomplished

Ethan Hunt returns with a new Impossible Mission for us to be wowed with the craziness of his stunts. Tom seems to have embraced the character as time has gone by unlike some of the other BIG Hollywood superstars like Sylvester(Rambo), Arnold(Terminator) and Bruce(Die Hard) or Mel(Lethal Weapon) who have been in decline or dead for some years. Just when you think this Mission Impossible franchise should be done and falling off. 

With this new ACTION PACKED sequel this franchise may still have some punch to it with a bit of comedy blended in nicely with Simon Pegg as the comic relief along side Tom almost kind of Bruce Willis/Sam L. Jackson in Die Hard with a Vengeance had. The other or best aspect to the movie I enjoyed was Ms. Ferguson the leading lady along side Ethan. Looking into her beautiful Blues almost made me forget I was watching an action movie. She also does a nice job of not knowing what side she is really on. Classic Bond girl with the beauty and brains and can kick my ass anytime.Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner round out the IMF team that Tom goes to battle with while Alec Baldwin is trying to catch them abring them in. 

I can say I am ready for another Mission after watching this movie and just hope it doesn't take too long to see the crew back in action. Wouldn't it be something if somewhere down the line this franchise joined another franchise like maybe James Bond meets Ethan Hunt.Perfect summer popcorn movie and even better in IMAX so you can get the whole feel and scope of it.....