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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Entourage Movie Review: Same Old Boys with New Toys and more Drama

May Have To Jerk It!
You know you're in a bro movie when that's the first piece of dialog. delivered by Kevin Dillon (Johnny "Drama" Chase). The movie theater I was in only had me and three other people at 3 pm, bad omen?  I was a tad nervous to see that there was only three people in the theater, but then again, it was 3pm and I forgot the movie came out on Wednesday. I'm more afraid the movie wouldn't feel like the show or only felt like the TV show and not translate to the viewer new to the crew. by the time i saw my first naked lady just walking around just for the sake of, lets call it "art", all that went away. Let's do this!

Vince Got Married?Wow.
They really played the here's what we've been up to game right in the beginning, especially with Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase). Some stuff I forgot about others brought me back to some of my favorite episodes. For the most part it was just filler so the none TV show watchers wouldn't be confused when certain people from the past made references. I thought it was quick and painless and made the movie move along so we could get into the meat of things.

Vince still searching for more out of life.
Just like every episode the main man want more. This time to be a director and take his art to the next level. Johnny drama still trying to get the world to take him seriously as an actor, while Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy) is trying not to fall in love with the next woman he's dating after Sloan or the woman after than, typical.  Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), he's pretty much made it to the next level but won't tell anyone how high that level is, the best part of the movie.

King living under queens rules
Arie Gold is now the King. At first he seems calmer and more in control of his anger. Doesn't take too long to get the classic ranting of a crazy boss to remind you he'll always be a jerk and we'll always love him for doing it so well. 

Traditional opener
The movie kicked off with the theme song of the show. This time it showed parts of Hollywood with the names of the stars within key landmarks. It was a new take, but still fit with the traditional opener.

Finally got to see Viking Quest footage.
I've seen Johnny Drama in the costume but to see actual footage of Viking Quest, and  Johnny's Banana's was so awesome. It felt right. I was so curious what that stuff looked like. Even though it was just a taste I'm sure it was giving the fans what they probably was asking for even if it wasn't out loud. 
Sloane gone for six months
Eric and Sloane separated and preggers. Didn't like that but the explanation of why made me think "Damn Eric, didn't think you had it in you. He's too much of a nice guy to be that much of a jerk". I know they've had rocky roads but Sloane and Eric was a great fit. I could have had this done with them not having any of the drama but it didn't take me out of the story. It turned out to be one of the best ones. Especially when Eric has the biggest scare of his life happen to any man.

Stress Balls
We're bringing everything back. Even the theropy sessions in the marriage counseling with the Golds. You guys that watched the show know how much of a treat this was each and every time. This time we learn that pills to keep your anger in check keep you going all night long with the wife. Why are they still in need of theropy?

This Party Was Starting To Get Boring

Rhonda playing herself was a much better improvement than the performance she gave us in Furious 7. She was actually funny. The 60 second line was a killer. I've never seen her fight in UFC but if what she did to Turtle is any indication, Don't Mess With Rhonda!

6 Senses
Haely Joel Osment played  Travis McCredle son of Larsen played by Billy Bob Thorton. He worked out as the protagonist, although I don't know if his Texas accent really worked for me. It was good seeing in a film again. I know he took some time off and people said his career was over but I'm thinking comedy is going to be his nitch. I'm now curious to check out his other role in the film Sex Ed. He killed during the big party where Vince was going to give an advance screening of this movie. I thought that is a nice house that Vince has now. Surprised to find out it belong to Turtle. How much money does that guy have? All the celebs were there from Andrew Dice Clay to Jon Favreau. Evil Bob Saggot returns wanting Vince to do him a favor by playing interference for these two hot girls who say they went to school with his daughter, middle school. Of course they want to have sex with him. Maybe Saggot is not feeling well because I thought his character from the show would have done it.

I won't go any further. This movie was totally worth the money for a true Entourage fan. Its basically a remember these TV and movie stars who once appeared on the show kind of movie but it does still deliver a fun story. It won't be for everyone but it will defiantly not disappoint any fan of the show. It may even bring in enough to constitute a sequel. I'm just saying if we can get two Sex In The City's we can get a trilogy of this awesome group of guys and the tell of the girls they always get to bang. 

Go See It Bro's! 

Oh. . .Can someone tell me what I missed. I saw Common make an appearance in the movie but I didn't get why he needed that dramatic close up.