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Monday, July 22, 2019

Amanda Talks The Lion King 2019 Movie From The Lobby | REVIEW

Amanda Pierson was able to catch the Lion King during opening weekend at the local AMC Theater in Houston Texas. Armed with a glitter microphone and a hat to match.

"From AMC it's opening night of the Lion King. The movie is adorable live-action is probably a hundred percent cuter. I will say that I cried about five times probably in a minute and a half going into probably five minutes and then minute twelve and then a little bit at the end but I will say I wasn't the only one crying. There's family with five crying in front of me and I'm pretty sure they probably cried the whole time. So I don't feel like such a baby. Crying aside, I believe it was actually adorable. All of the songs were the same which was great cause you can sing along. All of the actors were great. My favorite part was when Beyonce's song come on when Simba and Nala were running back to the Pride Land. I would watch it again it was so so adorably hopefully I won't cry as much next time. 

I definitely think it's worth seeing its very peaceful. Overall I give it a thumbs up.

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