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Friday, September 19, 2014

Deadpool Movie Confirmed: Ryan Renolds? Kinda Sorta

Today will be a day that will have all comic book geeks going ape (bleep). Deadpool Lives! After the leaked footage of Deadpool was sent to the Youtubes Fox has officially set a date for a Deadpool movie coming to theaters in 2016.

I'm thinking that because of all the great support from fans that Fox may even go even further into cool mode by making the merc have a Rated R mouth. I mean its the only way it can go and work well. Even if you don't go hard R the sound of bleeps are so funny that it would work with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, looking at the audience and complaining about censorship to the fans while the movie is playing.

There's so many questions. Will Hugh Jackman make another cameo? Will Deadpool call out the mistakes made to him on the Wolverine Origins movie? Will there be blood or bleeps? Its too much for me to handle right now. I think the character is awesome. I think Fox should stop playing around pretending that they're not going to back a dump truck of Benjamin to Reynolds to play the role, if for nothing, for just being 100% right about everything about this character.

Its time that we take comic book movie making to the next level and I see 20th Century Fox trying to pioneer the revolution. The only other concerns are how it officially effects upcoming Fox comic book adaptations that have yet to be born. What will this mean for an X-Force movie? Though we don't know the answers yet, I have a great feeling that this could be to Fox what Guardians of the Galaxy was for Marvel. With tons more ninja fights and limbs being lopped off of course.

Go Merc and everyone tweet Ryan a thank you message. I know I will.

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