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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Am I Talking Through The Movies? - Eric Jerome Dickey

I Remember Like It Was Over Five Years Ago. Because It Was.

I sent EJD a copy of a song I recorded called My Genevieve when I was in my KR!S THOU phase of my life (Hip Hop Artist). He was kind enough to have listened. Though I can never really be sure. But I loved the fact that he was interactive with a reader. I couldn't tell why his words connected with me. I mean, his audience consist of mostly black women. I'm a black male. Some of his books I'd be the villain. I'm not proud of it. But I'll atmit it.

I told him I'm also a writer, my first crack at a book, publishing through a company called Tate. I'm still not all paid up to have the book released. One day at a time Christopher. Take it slow but not too long, I keep repeating to myself. "Maybe this Fall or Winter or Spring. Just raise the money. But life gets in the way. My science fiction adventure will have to wait to become the next Harry Potter.

But I'm still inspired.

He's written so many amazing stories. My favorite being "The Other Woman". It was the first.

I've read it 3 times.

Genevieve speaks to me. The woman on the cover looks through my soul and I hear her voice. But that Milk In My Coffee though, and Cheaters, I went to see the play and you will Laugh Out Loud.

The best stories are of Gideon, an assassin, begging to be brought to life by Idris Elba. Please Hollywood wake up. This is a sure thing. Come on Marvel Studios, take a leap. Break the mold.

I'm keeping the faith. If I had $50 million, I'd produce the film myself. Just to see the hitman within the story talk about Katy Texas. Where I'm from, that conversation was haunting. Two days to walk. . .that's all I'll say. no spoilers. Read the Gideon series, starting with Sleeping with Strangers.

You're Welcome Reader.

And thank you EJD, you're the man, a friend and that coffee is on me next time you're in Houston.

Eric Jerome Dicky

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